This video is long overdue. The title explains it all. Enjoy!

Check out this video to watch the memorization attempt from the video IN FULL (no cuts):

0:00 Chess Sequence
1:23 Intro
3:17 The Approach
4:35 The Images
8:15 The Board
10:35 An Example
14:00 Memorizing The Rest
15:30 Another Approach
16:56 Wrap-up/Outro

Music: Epidemic + Musicbed

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  1. I want to hear from the CHESS PLAYERS. What do you think of this approach?

  2. This is just an amazing video and two good ideas presented. Good workaround with this technique. The second one especially will be quite fast yo.

    I don't use number system that much, but quite strong with letter pairs and letter quads, so I have a found a system using letter quads

  3. Amazing video concept yo. I do love playing chess, and my lichess ID is abunickabhi and my favourite variant is crazyhouse960. Hope to get to play with you online soon yo on

  4. Mannn you are just mindblowing… But please do'nt blow out your mind 😂

  5. Im a chess expert (Fide 2030) and a memory newbie.
    We see the board much more in aspect of a pawn stucture this is what defines the position its the core of it thex even have names. we can most ofen tell from which opening comes a certain position if we look at it around move 15-20. Chess is all about patern recognition and I would recomend which is a free and opensource website for all that want to learn study and play chess.
    I feel that if you are really into chess detatching to that mindset and switch to a pure memory technique is more challenging than for none chess players.
    Great video cheers

  6. 🔥 POWERFUL! From a chess player (rated 1850) this is quite an interesting approach! For those of you who are unaware, many people play chess "blindfolded" – essentially using the coordinate (Ex: E4) to move around. This idea will be PERFECT for being able to remember multiple games at once. Super excited to use this! Also loving the stranger things vibe!

  7. I need a system to memorise a Go board. It is 19×19 board and full of black and white stones yo.

  8. Great video, as usual! I'm taking out my chess board to try this right now!

  9. Uauu Ótimo vídeo. Vou por em prática seus ensinamentos. Valeu!

  10. I tried your technique few minutes ago. I took 30 minutes to memorize the peices' pictures and actios, create the memory palace and organize them in the chass board. That was awsome. PS.: i got wrong about 6,4% of the pieaces. But this is a low percentage I thing. I for sure could get better.
    Thanks to this channel owner.

  11. what were the king and queen before you rerecorded those bits hahaha

  12. Hello Nelson, great video ! I'm on the same quest for chess 😀 being regular player myself, i realized that a system for memorizing board isn't that helpful. The best would be to memorize patterns and tactics combinations. Chessable does a great job to make you memorize openings, with spaced repetitions, like memrise.

  13. The thing that i see with this tecnique is that you dont remember the spots that are beeing threaten and are empty you just remember them as 0

  14. Nelson you are so creative I could see it this video intro and PA associations
    What made you so creative??
    Is it practiceing memory techniques??
    How creative ware you before you became a memory athlete??

  15. How about making patterns(square triangle rectangle or lines) with the pieces on the chessboard and using a linking method to create a story along the pattern

  16. Anyone know the chess board and pieces used here?

  17. Hi Nelson Dellis, I m a thick follower of your channel.
    And I am a fide rated chess player as well(Not big fish)
    As an amature player, this technique does not benefit much for chess players.
    Nevertheless, it is a good memory exercise.
    What I understood, grandmasters have got numerous patterns and positions in their mind, which they do not stored by any particular technique, but by practice, that help them make decisions.
    It would be really beneficial if we could transfer these techniques to remember these patterns, or to store end game positions etc, but chess players may not like conversion, because the pieces has got strong sense in their memory rather than converted characters. ( These are my personal opinions)

  18. This video is very helpful for beginners, excellent content. Surely it will motivate others to follow.
    I #BrainBlitzAudios appreciate it.👌👌🧡🧡🧡😊😊😊👍👍

  19. I love this stuff. However, maybe you should take the time to learn how to set up the board. You need to rotate the board 90 degrees, so the rightmost square is white ( for both white and black).

  20. 1:45 The queens start on their respective colours so your chessboard isn't right. A chess player would memorize by steps. First, associating as fast as possible each square with its color. Then, you train to visualize whole variations in your brain. Finally, you try with small games (already played by others, a miniature would be nice). When it becomes easy, you do it with longer games. It is not recommended by medicine to it with more than one game. The effort is too important for the brain.

  21. Hey man ! This is very interesting, I might try it out :-). But as a chess player I firstly memorize a position because of its strategy, its logic.

  22. Hi Nelson, for the scenario of having 1 piece on the 2nd square ONLY, instead of action, would it be easier to have an object to memorise?

  23. How the hell your not famous in all the world dude yet??!

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