How to memorize 25 MOVES of a chess opening!

Do you think long, memorized opening lines are only for Grandmasters? Think again. Work through this training with me, and you’ll surprise yourself with how well you can memorize a 25-move opening. Want an EXCLUSIVE “Master-Level Repertoire” video NOT available on Youtube publicly? Just go to and let me know, and it’s yours for free. If you’re serious about opening preparation, I want to help you.


  1. Its a demanding video if one tries to memorise all 3.. i loose touch if the moves towards what is called the opening position. Dont get me wrong i learned all three, seperatly. Played em for both black and white.. but when finishing my trial on the semislav, i forgot the sicilian, and same with im done my trial and error on the caro i've forgot both of the 2 first 🤪😂😂 i need to play now, the theory is now exploding in my brain.. also i dont see why (in the semi slav) that G3 is a good move for white since taking the knight with the pawn and black recaptures, black ends up loosin 2 knights for a pawn and a bishop 🤔

  2. I don’t get it. Let’s say I memorize 20 moves. That’s like assuming the other guy is going to respond with all the moves you’ve memorized. But the other guy may make totally different responses NOT within what you’ve memorized! Kind of like throwing you a curve or throwing a monkey wrench in the works!So what’s the sense of spending all that time memorizing those lines when the opponent is not obligated to play the moves you’ve memorized??What am I missing, here?

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