How to identify and attack unprotected Pieces and Pawns | Chess Fundamentals | IM Alex Astaneh

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In this video, IM Alex Astaneh is teaching you how to identify unprotected points and how to win unprotected pieces using the counting method. Based on several practical examples you will see what kind of problems can occur when you have a single vulnerable, undefended point in your position and how everything can build up from there very quickly and can go wrong.

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  1. Is this geared towards beginners? As a 2000 lichess player I still found this very interesting

  2. Thanks Alex, great video! i think below 1800 it is nearly all about unprotected points.

  3. surely if pieces are unprotected they are equally vulnerable – even the queen?

  4. first example shows also exposed kings which gives opponents tactical chances… looking at the initial position give me the gitters to play either side ..maybe in chess exposed kings should be completely outlawed…game 2 its so weird and amazing that a game can evolve solely on a lowly b2 pawn that hasn't move yet so early in a game

  5. Frankly i thought it is a simple example at the beginning but when u show how a simple weak point can collapse the whole white structure i liked it, thx

  6. Another informative video for chess players who want to improve. Please continue this series of chess fundamentals. It's a big help for players who wants to develop their skills in chess.

  7. At the start, can't black play Rxd4 and after Qxd4,he could play Qe1+ and win the h4 rook?

  8. Will you continue the series of videos about visualization?

  9. Best of chess that I could find on youtube thanks a ton❤️❤️

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