How to create animation effect in

this video might help you to create animation or arcade in

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  1. How do u change the spots what i mean is like all is horsey, all is queen, so how?

  2. I cant find that setting i am on a phone pleasee help me

  3. How Can I Appear The Small Icons Thats Shows When We Move A Piece. Like When We Do A Blunder Small Red Icon Appear In The Pieces. Pls Tell Me. And I am In Phone.

  4. Hey how do you make it so that it circles the pieces that you can take and how do you make it red? Also is there a way to make the line of how pieces can move darker or change the colour of it?

  5. I made it arcade but it didn't appear

  6. How an I circle pieces instead of putting a red square on them?

  7. It's nice but I wanted the lightning version 😭 I was too late! They updated it!

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