How to Checkmate Your Opponent in 6 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess with a clever trap known as the Caro-Kann Smothered Mate!

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  1. Black moves their knight firstWhite:Hey that's how this is supposed to go

  2. Wait that Pawan straight behind king can easily cut bishop

  3. Awesome Trick I loved this trick but my opponent is more wiser than you he has given me checkmate 😅😅😅

  4. This is all very fine if your black opponent makes those exact moves. Intelligent, good players won't.

  5. why the black pawn in the corner blacker then all them

  6. Those who attack with the knight directly: 💀

  7. The different pawn in the black: where is that pawn?

  8. I don't understand why that pawn can't take. If the pawns take them it's out of the queens los to capture.

  9. Well if pawn eats knight its still mate but. If you put the bishop to save the king queen will eat bishop and king or queen

  10. the sus pawn:im just a regular pawn not a big deal

  11. Yeah opponent will play just like this….yes definately he will move same like this…believe me

  12. I just did this moves😭😭😭 and the queen ate me asap😭😭

  13. Jeriel R. somera (backup channel of ph countryball says:

    Why is the rooks pawn (right) different color

  14. I was once defeated like this….once i played caro cann ….i knew this traopy checkmate ….but somehow i fell for it

  15. 👁👄👁 S M O T H E R E D 👁👄👁

  16. I just watched moist critical vs xqc and learned how to checkmate my opponent in 6

  17. my opponent should be rated -400 elo for me to perform this tf

  18. "It's begin with Caro Kann"
    Yeah no one in my rating will play that opening against me

  19. I hve a better chance to perform a scholar mate in my rating as none of my opponent play the Caro kann

  20. is this a personal attack or something ?

  21. Most of the time people will only play the caro kann as intermediates, so they wouldn’t fall for this anyway.

  22. I'll take my chances with the lottery over winning like this!

  23. so your opponent must be decent enough to play the caro kann, but not good enough to spot this?

  24. This has to be the worst video on earth. No one will spot this if they are good enough to know what the caro kann is l;ol

  25. I am a grandmaster..😁😁

  26. How am I suppose to do? I’m the one who plays caro khann exchange…

  27. In order for trap to be good, it has to prevent opponent from playing a good move, or to be good move for yourself. In this case we are blocking out our bishop, and counting that enemy will play Nf6 instead of logical e6, though it must be a great feeling to pull it off

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