How to beat the Jobava London System EASILY

In this video I will show you how to play against the unpleasant Jobava London System with black.

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  1. Perfect vidio , perfect comment!!I want to beat this system! OK…😎

  2. Ah this is the line where a lichess cheater won against a GM, with GM playing black missing Qc7 in the tactical line

  3. So excited for this series! I play the Jobava often with white

  4. Jobava London with Black is one of my weaknesses therefore I am very grateful that you now cover this!

  5. I wouldn’t say ‘easily’ as a lot of these variations you’re showing aren’t played this way as white- and this is a lot of deep lines!

  6. Dear Josip, I would like to give an important remark to the Stockfish 16 game against Seer.
    "Stockfish 16 finds an incredible theoretical novelty in the Naidorf Sicilian."
    After 18.exd5 this was the position (in fen):
    1rbq1rk1/3nbp2/p1p3p1/3Pp1PB/5P1P/PPN1B3/2P5/R2QK2R b KQ – 0 18
    Now Seer played 18.-cxd5,? , a clear mistake which you omitted.
    Much better was 18.- exf4 19.Bxf4 gxh5, and there is no winning line for white, e.g if 20.d6 Re8 21.dxe7 Qxe7+ 22.Kd2 Nc5 23.Kc1, Black has the brilliant Konter 23.-Rxb3!! 24.cxb3 Rd8!, and there is no win for white anymore!
    I analyzed that game with Crystal 5, which is tactical stronger than Stockfish!

  7. Joza you are trickier than Naroditsky. You should charge your Jobava London system as he is. Also, when will you get your well deserved GM title?

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