How the King Moves and Captures

This basic chess series teaches you how to play chess. Beginning with how the pieces move, special chess rules, chess terminology, piece value and more.


  1. I actually learned how to move the king but im confused on how it captures cause of past experiences

  2. i was playing online and my king was in G1 position then the oponnent plays the bighop in H2. why couldn't i kill the bishop with the king? can y explain me plz

  3. I was in a school tournament in chess and I won with only one king Vs like 10 pieces and I did it by tricking the ppl holding the tournament that "if I'm in chess I need to move right?" So I put myself in chess so I could capture the other pieces and now a photo of me is in my old school

  4. Oh so that's why my Scholar's-mate doesn't work and I Get captured. I thought you had to move your queen OR bishop. But the Reason you move Both is Because if you don't the King doesn't move into check.

  5. Fk my ears shitt.. dang what's with ur sound

  6. It help me a lot dudeπŸ˜˜πŸ€ πŸ‘.

  7. thanks for the vid since im trying to know how does the king work
    since in chess i never even now how it works

  8. The app that I use cheats. Correct me if I'm wrong, if a Queen puts me in check, one square away, can't I capture the Queen

  9. What I learned from this: White Kings are not as powerful as Black Queens. shoutout to all the Black QUeens out there in the world with the phat badonkadonks

  10. Tnx a lot. Weird,sometimes, the cpu places a queen infront of my king and i can't capture the queen with king. So, you can ALWAYS capture ANYTHING with the King?????(as long he can reach it)
    And as long he wouldn't be check mated with the move?

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