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Meet our chess lesson for kids: How Knight Moves and Captures | Chess Lessons | Kids Academy

The knight is also called the jumper of chess. This is the special power the only knight has. Let’s see how the knight moves and captures. This is a chess lesson for beginners.

How does it move?

There are two ways in which the knight can move.
1. Step, step, turn
This move is in the shape on an L. the piece takes two steps and then turns. This move can be in any direction. It always reaches the square of opposite color on which it was standing before.

2. Jump

The knight can change its direction in the middle of the turn. This is the special power the knight has. No other piece on chess can jump over the other piece.
How it captures?
The piece is captured by the knight when it lands on a piece through the jump or through the normal move. The piece that the knight is jumping over remains safe on the board.

Only the one that the knight lands on is captured.

Only one piece can be captured per turn. This is probably the trickiest piece on chess because it is hard to foresee and usually the opponent is taken by surprise when a knight jumps over and captures their piece. So, it just makes the game more interesting.

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