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Meet our chess lesson for kids: How King Moves and Captures | Chess Lessons | Kids Academy

King is the most important piece on the chess board, it is the leader of all the pieces and one who captures the king wins the game.

Now like all other pieces king can also move only in some certain ways. It can move only one step at a time. However, it can move in any direction as long as it is one step at a time. So, it can move diagonally, vertically, sideways, upwards and downwards, diagonally upwards and diagonally downwards.

The king also captures one step at a time. Which means that whatever piece is in the one step distance of the king, it will be captured by it. If there is a piece at a longer distance from the king, the king will have to move all the steps one at a time as long as it reaches that piece and then it captures it.
The king also needs to be protected by the other pieces on the board because if your king gets captured by the opponents’ king, then your game is over.

King is the most important piece on the chessboard and must be protected because with its capture the game ends.
So that was a quick chess lesson for beginners about king moves and how it captures.

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