How Good Is A Chess Master In Chess 2 ??

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Play Chess 2:

Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:28
INSANE Game 2 – 7:16

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  1. When will make a live stream i wanted to play with you or learn!

  2. chessnuke never fails to tickle my pickle and make me wiggle.

  3. He was so mad that the timer was scared of him 💀

  4. My monkey can…like,like a monkey,-~bald guy,2023

  5. Yo ChessNuke could you do another chess video in Roblox? I know you did one but I think it would be interesting if you have a challenge that you can do in Roblox chess.

  6. This chess is better because the kings have a banana on their face, wait that kinda sounds…

  7. Why is this the best commentchessnuke has ever seen

  8. Chess 2 is confusing I’ll rather stick to the old one but anyways great video!

  9. This is cheating said Chessnuke lol I agree

  10. I hate chessnuke because he is too handsome

  11. Now that the bald pawn made this vid I have finnally, inner peace

  12. That cool but when are you gonna play Chess 3?

  13. I like how chess nuke shows how he has low elo in his thumbnail just like low hair

  14. Nuke thumbnails are getting better and better

  15. Maybe you could list the game you are playing the description?

  16. ChessNuke play with a IM not with a FM then you will all matches.

  17. If you hit 25k subs by Halloween I will play bullet

  18. Programing error. Theres no "when timer < 0"

  19. I get lowest alo in chess for achievements. is this worth it?

  20. 2:13 such a surreal quote, as a south african indian I can relate to the monkeys always coming near me.

  21. alayna loves verivery┆b.a.p legends ♥︎ says:

    talking about bbc and then a few seconds later saying “he can just swing forever” is crazy 😭😭 i love silly chess

  22. How does bro only have 24.6k subs I have been thinking this whole time he had at least a million subs

  23. Idea: play pokemon chess
    Credit me please!

  24. professional!!! what u just trade a piece lol nice vid anyways ur 24.6k sub u might beat him I hope all the best luck to u ig 🙂

  25. I think you should play the chesskid animal bots they are so hilarious 😂

  26. ChessNuke is the best in the world 🌎✨ and on youtube go ChessNuke you are the best youtuber in the world

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