How Finn Russell & Scotland Rugby can beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup 2023 | Beyond 80

In the latest episode of Beyond 80 Johnnie Beattie joins Sam Larner to dissect the upcoming match between Scotland and Ireland. Their main focus is the importance of Finn Russell to the Scots, and if he’s on his game, can de drive Scotland to victory and shake up Pool B at RWC 2023?

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  1. Finn Russell the most overhyped player in the most overhyped team.

  2. He's a good player no doubt, but hardly scares Ireland – Ireland by 12 ☘☘☘

  3. Yeah. Finn Russel has petrified Ireland the last 8 times 😂. Good job talking this up. Reality matters.

  4. Thanks for the information.

  5. Womdering how Scotland can bash Ireland back? Are you joking??? No ine talks about Irelands physicality. Apart from their last 16 opponants. Weird how Scotland are being so over promoted while what they have to do point wise is shuushed. Ireland are going to smash Scotland

  6. Scotland can win. I believe we have a better attack. But Forwards win games. The Scottish forwards are gonna have to match the Irish.

  7. Speaking as a Scotland fan, I think the odds on Scotland getting enough points to win and qualify for the knockout stages are slim at best. It really depends on the referee actually doing his job for once and stopping the Irish blitz defence starting from their normal start point of being on the wrong side of the offside line, making sure that Irish tacklers actually roll away from the tackle area quickly, and finally, ignoring that master of the dark arts, Peter O'Mahony's constantly flapping gums in his ear. Then we need to worry about the relative strengths of the two replacements benches. Ireland have, by far, the stronger of the two in my humble opinion. When Scotland empty their bench, they invariably drop a level in performance, particularly in the pack. Every man in blue will have to perform and play lights-out rugby for the entire 80 minutes in order to prevail here, but I'm expecting Ireland will be too good.

  8. Ireland is unbeatable at the moment. If SA couldn’t do it, Scotland has no chance, Ireland‘s forwards are far and above anybody else’s.

  9. Russell is the most overrated player in human history

  10. In my opinion Scotland can't beat Ireland in a shootout. They have to slow the game down, go for kicks and take the points every time they're near the Irish 22.
    If they open the game up, the Irish will outrun and outmuscle them. Their advantage in quality will shine through. How many Scottish players could get into the Irish starting line-up?

  11. Sam Larner, stylin' it here, where did your get your shirt?

  12. Ireland's going to target Finn and minimise his ability to dictate the course of Scotland's play.

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