How Finn Russell & Scotland Rugby can beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup 2023 | Beyond 80

In the latest episode of Beyond 80 Johnnie Beattie joins Sam Larner to dissect the upcoming match between Scotland and Ireland. Their main focus is the importance of Finn Russell to the Scots, and if he’s on his game, can de drive Scotland to victory and shake up Pool B at RWC 2023?

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  1. The Scott's are one of the teams we dare not underestimate

  2. Why oh why didn't Darcy Graham make that pass 🙈

  3. Genius? No, just good. Scared? Of nothing. This is pure comedy😅

  4. Ireland is scared of Finn Russell, Who are the brainboxes that writes such nonsense? They don’t watch much Rugby…..

  5. Nonsense title to this video. I'm not even listening to the content. Ireland haven't feared South Africa, New Zealand, France etc. Why should they fear Scotland? Ireland always beat Scotland and will do so again.

  6. Ireland beaten Scotland 16 times in the last 23 years. 70% win rate. That gives them a 30% chance of winning on Saturday. Feels about right

  7. What a great video. Fair play lads, bring on Saturday.

  8. Ireland are not scared of Finn Russell 😂😂

  9. Forgotten in the analysis is that Ireland identified the line-out issues and fixed them very effectively.

  10. How are these guys running this channel!? Is it official?

  11. Scotland seem to get better each year. as an Ireland fan im a little worried

  12. Boks were off side all game just pure cheats!!!

  13. I think Scotland will need to come up with a good strategy to stop Ireland once they get into the tight carries near the try line. Maybe pulling them over and holding up the ball to get a goalline dropout? I think trying to go toe to toe will make Ireland's job a lot easier, Scotland simply have to play the smartest tactical and best executed game of their lives to win this….simple 😅. Ireland won't be afraid of anything but who knows what will happen, excited for this game.

  14. Ireland have come up against the worlds best and beaten them, I dont see them too worried about finn even though he can produce magic at times, just doesnt produce it often enough to change the tide of games

  15. Irelands been Scotland's bogey team for a long while. They can beat England, they can beat France and can beat Wales. I'm going with Scotland they are long overdue getting one over Ireland.

  16. Scares Ireland??…hahahaha They know what they need to do as Scotland play everything through Russel and we know not to give him time and space. They have dealt with him quite nicely in recent past…

  17. Ireland will look no further than one game at a time and respect who they play. a lot would have to go wrong for Ireland to loose. Ireland will want to win every game regardless whats needed in points. Scotland will have there 30 mins then Ireland will pull ahead. Ireland know the threats scots bring as do Scotland. Ireland and Scotland meet each other every year in 6 nations. they know each other well and both side won't take anything for granted. be good tough game.

  18. PR piece sponsered by Scottish Rugby social media team

    Ireland are always very wary of Scotland, they're a great team and can beat anyone on their day. But history is not on their side here.

    All respect to Scotland but this piece was just myopic. Depending on too many 'if' moments

  19. TRYING
    To convince Yourself.
    The usual Bluster & Threats.
    No Excuses NOW, make sure You Turn Up.
    People paid good Money to be Entertained.

  20. Why do bother counting points differences when in case of tie between two teams the winner of direct game goes through?

  21. Is that a photo of Ireland v Argentina 2015 on the wall…top class trolling if so

  22. can get you get Squidge do this, he is so much better and entertaining…..

  23. He could beat them, if you put him in a combined SA/french team

  24. I think you’ll have your answer after the first 15 mins.

  25. Am I going crazy or was that plant moving in and out of shot for the whole interview? What is this new devilry?

  26. Scotland – bash these boys up so the black wave can finish them off in the quarters. GO SCOTLAND

  27. "And send them home, to think again….", wait we're playing Ireland right? Are they heaps different than the English?

  28. Looking forward to this match…pressure has to be on the Irish while the Scottish with nothing to lose yet everything to gain…Going absolutely all out and what will be will be

  29. Think it’s going to be a low score game and Scotland will match Ireland until half time. The only way Scotland have a chance is if they do a George Ford and use Finn’s boot to build a score lead.

  30. Ireland will win. Over technical analysis here. Irish power will dominate regardless of how much technical analysis talk is done.

  31. I just can't understand this Scottish stuff, average clubs, mid table at best in the six nations yet every time we play ye build it up like we are playing New Zealand or France. The odd good game and beating a below average England team does not make a great team. People have to start being realistic about Scotland.

  32. If his name was Robert Bruce, maybe they could take on Ireland… yet its gonna be close

  33. Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Ireland were amazing tonight 💚 🤍 🧡

  35. Ive yet to he genuinely impressed by Finn tbh. Just do not get the hype, never have.

  36. You were saying "How Finn Russell & Scotland Rugby can beat Ireland at Rugby World " How did it work out for you?

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