How chess are made ||These workers make money by making chess sets

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  1. I remember the lathe at college, and this guy is super skilled

  2. Kudos to the skilled chess guy. Too bad he will have silicosis in about 5 days.

  3. They all lived to the ripe old age or 32. Ppe is for sukas

  4. Стефания вязание и рукоделие says:

    Лихо руки в токарный станок суёт😮

  5. 0:52, The amount of silica dust this guy must be putting in his lungs in a day is insane. I hope he appreciates his life because it's going to be a short and painful one.

  6. Puzzles me why so many chess sets are needed. After all only a tiny minority of people play chess and chess sets are – compared to a loaf of bread, a car, a newspaper – virtually indestructible! Nice chess sets presumable get handed down. What do people do with them?

  7. Ohh, the silicosis is knoking on the door.

  8. Production cost 20$ sell price in western countries over 1000$. You are so dumb.

  9. donot you worry about your lung? soon or later you will pay for the medical bill by using all the money you made.

  10. Unbelievabel good work but no dustmask aso …….

  11. If this is how manuall crafting looks like – I will not buy it anymore. It is disgusting, low quality, disturbing, dirty, chemical, body harming process. I expected something amazing and they failed. Buying from European handcraft small business is the only choice here. Never again this chinece or indian crap.

  12. I brought a chess set home from a TDY to Adana Turkey back in 83 or 84. I still have it.

  13. OSHA probably has this video tagged as a horror film.

  14. I did not understand how the horse was made.

  15. Absolutely amazing,watching this video made me wana play chess ima challenge the computer right now

  16. these guys have silicosis of the lungs after a week

  17. Kid at 2:30 is crazy for not wearing a mask. That dust will eventually damage his lungs. The dust from those are like tiny little pieces of glass. Wow…he has no idea what he's doing to himself and that's sad in itself.

  18. Наверняка на этой работе потеряно сотни пальцев, а после десятка лет работы все легкие забиты пылью.

  19. So sad how these countries treat their people!

  20. Greetings from Costa Rica, wow!! A beautiful job..!! I have dreamed of having a game of these made with that material is too excellent, congratulations to these gentlemen are true craftsmen …!!

  21. Nice that he is breathing all that dust… no PPE, no occupational safety etc…

  22. the most amazing part is that most of these guys still have most of their fingers

  23. 🇷🇺 Des artisans réellement admirables ! 👍🌹

  24. I'd rather buy something like this that's been handmade by skilled artisans than a set factory made in China

  25. It's true, you are such hard workers, however; there is no charm watching your videos 😢

  26. How to order? Or where can I buy it? Is it delivered to Assam?

  27. Lung infection imminent for anyone working around those stone cutters

  28. Without mask in this type of work, it's suicide.

  29. That`s what exploitation looks like. They`re actually far more skilled than some bullshit office workers elsewhere in the world.

  30. These guys are very skillful, but I notice none of them are wearing any dust masks. Inhaling all that dust is going to adversely affect them after a while.

  31. Excelente, esplêndido… 👏👏👏👏

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