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Meet our chess lesson for kids: How Bishop Moves and Captures | Chess Lessons | Kids Academy

Bishop moves diagonally. its path can be imagined as an X on the board. It can move on an X on the board. Let’s see how bishop moves and captures and make an easy chess game for beginners.

How does it move?

The bishop can move along the X to as far as it wants. It can either move one step, two steps or all across the board as long as it moves on the X. It ends on the same colored square as where it started. It never ends on a different colored square. Each player gets two bishops. This comes as an advantage since the bishop moves is confined to half the board. So, at every time you have a bishop that can reach to any point of the board.

How it captures?
A piece of the opponent that falls in the diagonal or X of the bishop will be captured by it.

A piece on the opposite colored square can never be attacked by a bishop. So, if you have a king in danger from the bishops just move it to the opposite colored square than the bishops square and remove it from the bishop’s diagonal and your king will be safe.
Bishops cannot jump over pieces, only a knight can do that.
Bishops can move very smartly if the player knows how to play it smartly.

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