Hikaru v Fabiano! USA #1 & #2 Clash In An Epic Battle | Speed Chess Championship 2023 QF !coinbase

The 2023 Speed Chess Championship presented by Coinbase is the strongest online speed chess event in the world! Watch five-time champ Hikaru Nakamura take on a field including Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh D, and world champion Ding Liren, for their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. Embarrassingly bad audio quality. Danya's mic is way too hot while Kassa's mic is a potato. 🤦

  2. I was wondering why this cockroach speaks higher of chihuahua face caruana than the legendary Hikaru but then I read his name et voila Daniel naroditsky, the guy who gets smothered from Hikaru each time in titled tuesday

  3. Hikaru us great but damn that head bobbing he does in winning positions is cringe

  4. hikaru just proved hes lightyears better then fabi using openings that are so dubious yet having 10 points higher then fabi in the end. truly a SPEED DEMON

  5. Ultimately, Hikaru and Magnus are so much stronger than anyone else that you need almost miracle (like MVL victory over Carlsen 3 years ago…) to avoid a final between them, when both participate.

  6. Although the commentators are very good and have a lot of knowledge, the audio quality of Kassa Korley is hard to listen to in comparison with Daniel Naroditsky's audio (and all other commentators i heard until now for that matter).

  7. The morally empty vessel that is Hikaru strikes again with the most shameful stalling tactics you're likely to see. How far the chess community has fallen to see that such an individual has amassed a fanbase. Truly defies belief.

  8. I don't understand what's the point of stalling the clock when you're up by six going into the bullet segment where you're clearly one of the best players in the world. I get it when players do it in order to not lose the match, it's a legitimate strategy, nothing against it. But Hikaru wasn't close to losing at any point of the match. So what was the reason of this, I'm still struggling to understand.

  9. Hikaru is definitely one of the all time chess greats. Not the greatest of all time but indisputably he's an absolute monster at chess. Hall of famer for sure

  10. Recommendation: having a move counter on the screen to show how many seconds have been added would be a great addition!

  11. Also I wish there would be links in the bio for the casters. I'm familiar with danya but this is my first time seeing kassa korley and wish I had a twitch link for him. I can find it myself but it would surely benefit some of the lesser known commentators to have quick links to give them exposure.

  12. Cute hair and accent.. what a Barbie guy..

  13. The final is gonna be Hikaru against Magnus, and its gonna be an epic fight. Dont know if Hikaru is still gonna play weird openings tho

  14. Har Jagah do murge ladwate ho
    Bc har bar Chutiya banate ho !!🙄😏

  15. I've never seen Kassa Korley commentate a tournament. He did a great job.

  16. Hikaru is also great at communicating, he is very entertaining to watch

  17. I liked this new commentator, kassa korley

  18. Really enjoyed Kassa Korley’s commentary, great job from someone I haven’t seen before

  19. Kassa is the weakest player out of the four by a mile but he still continues to say he would have played the best move in the position in a heartbeat😂😂

  20. Nakamura looks so dissapointed in Fabi at points hahahaha

  21. Remember Magnus won over Fabi with some 18 gap. That shows how he is clearly better than all, seeing Hikaru not dominating Caruana.

  22. Hikaru and Magnus are really good. It is really nice to see both of them defeat everyone else and take each other on the finals

  23. Where are the skills??? chess is becoming a game where you only win when the other person blunders.

  24. "This guy is a fashionista, how can he expect to be a serious chess player with such a big distraction?" – Full time streamer Naka

  25. Every game…Caruana better out of the opening… Loses in the middle game

  26. It has to be a Hikaru vs Magnus final. Magnus is the only one who is capable of stopping Hikaru insane run.

  27. Fabi is crazy good, but no matter how many times hikaru blunders and uses dubious openings, he just cant deliver.
    It shows the tension and how stressfull the time effect the players.
    Hikaru schooled Fabi so hard today XD
    GG y not Hikaru!

  28. Stupidly wasting time instead of giving up in an absolutely losing position – is this already normal? To hell with respect, just damn business, nothing personal, right?!

  29. I'm big fan of Magnus but at this time I see hikaru will be a champion..

  30. wow Danya is just compatible to every co-host he is simply the best commentator 🤷🙆🫡🫡🫡 congrats to Hikaru, looking forward to Magnus-Nepo match

  31. Kassa sounds like such a polished speaker. Poetic. Loved listening to him.

  32. There has to be a rule adjustment. It’s just so boring what Hikaru does, he should have more respect for viewers.

  33. Hikaru destroyed Fabi playing nothing but 1. a3/b3/c3/e3/h3 and all of the dubious openings he could think off 💀 Hikaru is otherworldly. A true speed demon!

  34. I really like Daniel's style of storytelling. Even the accent is on point! Great way to keep the audience engaged!

  35. HIKARU plays weird openings to avoid Stockfish prep

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