Hikaru at 19 was a beast 😈

19 year old Hikaru Nakamura sacrifices his queen in a game of chess to beat his grandmaster opponent in a brilliant way. But the cool thing is that even beginners can understand why his moves were brilliant.

The used picture actually shows Hikaru at the age of 20.

You can find the game if you search for “Nakamura vs. Krasenkow 2007”.

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  1. so true bestie, I always think about breeding Hikaru

  2. Moral of the story: I guess don't resign if your queen is taken just in case you make brilliant play

  3. This is what men are cappable of if we could get over women so easly xD


  5. Hikaru can crush me at chess, but I’m pretty confident I can crush him at Chessboxing. As long as I can get to the boxing portion before getting checkmated.

  6. Thank you for bringing back the music & great video as always

  7. Exciting (great choice of music), instructive and masterful! Hikaru should hire you as his personal commentator.
    And I'm never tired of you using "dominate" and "bye bye" at least 1 per video each.

  8. Can you make a video on the Accelerated Dragon Defense for black?

  9. Everything is a trap with Hikaru just playing the guy is a trap. Unless you are Magnus.

  10. Best video so far. Have appreciated the entire series, but the deceased use of zooming and the new on-board graphics really helped. Music was good, better then the recent no-music trial.

  11. Please. I can’t take it if you become a basic chess game analyser like everyone else. Please bring back the funzies

  12. Love your videos!
    Could you make an video on the Trompowsky or the Tennison Gambit?

  13. You should make more videos about GM games! Just amazing!

  14. Hikaru knows checkmate in 31 moves
    But I know blunder in 19 moves

  15. That was actually brilliant of him, excellent, 10 points to gryfindor

  16. Please now make more vids for white openings next

  17. please do more openings for white. im a beginner and im having trouble choosing my white opening

  18. please do more openings for white. im a beginner and im having trouble choosing my white opening

  19. There are people who "retire" from chess after such games. I know a few..

  20. As beginner, you are becoming my favorite chess youtuber. Your videos are fun and easier to understand.

  21. Truly I just enjoy these videos and you have honestly reignited the fire in me I have for chess

  22. I was at 500 elo and thanks to your videos I went up to 800

  23. Hey please make video on wing gambit against scillian pl3ase also delayed wing gambit please

  24. If im the opponent, i would capture the d8 rook

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