Hans Niemann Shocked Kramnik AGAIN!


  1. I hate these fucking videos. Invariably, the host begins to confuse possible moves with the moves actually played. Toward the end, I had no idea whatsoever which moves were actually played.

  2. Was there a sound of buzzing beads coming from Niemann's ass?

  3. It's time for Kramnik to retire not only for chess level but for his doubtful correction; room for youngers

  4. Kramnik has proven himself to be a dbag.

  5. I think Neiman is beating him psychologically by making Kramnik think he's cheating. Neiman got to his nerves. 😊

  6. Lines are really bad. The Chess Lab is good. THX for showing us and explaining chess

  7. How to go from former world champion to bufoon status. Calling out cheating because you find somebody better than you, absolutely laughable and shameful. Kramnik should either come up with solid evidence or grow up. I'm frankly disgusted by the behavior of these so called "champions". Carlsen, Nakamura, Kramnik and all the rest who keep crying foul; a bunch of pathetic, insecure, narcissistic babies, the lot of them. These are not worthy of being considered champions they just happen to be the best chess players currently

  8. Why sore losers like Kramnik and Carlsen and Hikaru can accuse people with ZERO evidence and get away with it??

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