Gukesh is a hard nut to crack for Praggnanandhaa | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2023

Pragg has managed to play exceedingly well in recent times. When it comes to rapid and blitz, he has managed to beat the best in the business, but if there is one player he has struggled against, it is D. Gukesh. Pragg and Gukesh once again sat opposite each other at the 8th round of the Tata Steel Chess India Blitz. Check out what happened between them.

Video: ChessBase India
Thumbnail image by Vivek Sohani

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  1. Gukesh is very strong in classical but he definitely need some improvement in blitz and rapid to be a world champion in all format.

  2. Guki Pragg are 2-2 in classical. Recently Guki beat him in WR and Tata Steel Masters to equalize. Guki leads Pragg in 3-1 in Rapid. Probably a hard matchup for Pragg.
    Pragg is a hard matchup for Nodirbek.
    Nodirbek is hard matchup for Gukesh. Maybe Not. 4-4 after that Olympiad game.
    Gukesh is a hard matcup for Pragg.

  3. Pragg is not the one who will develop some sort of fear of Gukesh for long time. He will bounce back with vengeance some day.

  4. Playing style matchup issues for different players..

  5. What is this useless counting going on? 1st to 5th?!!!!

  6. Please share highlights commentary,that is we want where we can see player's expression

  7. Prqgg thought him always like a brother but not him😇

  8. Abdusatarov beats Gukesh
    Gukesh beats Pragg
    Pragg beats Abdusatarov
    This triangle is not new in chess
    Kramnik lost to Shirov
    Kramnik beat Kasparov
    Kasparov beat Shirov

  9. n the fascinating world of chess, Pragg and Gukesh are two prodigies with unique gifts and temperaments, shaped in part by their Ayurvedic constitutions. Pragg, likely of a "Vaat" or possibly "Vaat-Kapha" Prakruti, is a whirlwind of creativity and imagination. His mind is a canvas where he paints strokes of genius, breaking through mental barriers with ease. However, this same gift can make him restless and impatient.

    On the other side of the board, Gukesh, who seems to be of a "Pitta" or "Kapha-Pitta" Prakruti, is a fortress of endurance, resilience, and patience. He possesses a fighting spirit that's hard to break, although he may not always tap into the boundless creativity that Pragg has.

    For Pragg to truly excel against a player like Gukesh, he needs to cultivate patience and steadiness. A spoonful of Desi Cow Ghee and a disciplined meditation routine, perhaps inspired by Vidit, could harmonize his energies and make him a more versatile player. Talent alone won't crown him World Champion; it's the balanced integration of his gifts that will set him apart.

    Gukesh, a man of principle who embraces hard work and constructive criticism, is already on a trajectory toward greatness. A sprinkle more of self-belief could make him an unstoppable force. A few sessions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and self-image exercises could be the keys to unlocking any lingering mental blocks.

    In essence, I think Body chemistry makes Gukesh best suited for Classical Time limits and pragg best sited for Rapid and Blitz. Both players have the potential to be World Champions, but it's their willingness to evolve and adapt that will determine their destiny. Pragg needs to realize that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and Gukesh just needs to believe that he's as incredible as he truly is. The sky's the limit for these two, ..

  10. interesting to see indian players begin galactic improvements in the chess world lately but the newly crowned world champ is from China

  11. Aree bhosdi, players video lao na. What are u doing Sagar shah??

  12. The truth is Pragg is only a Gukesh favourite's pet despite all of browhahas about Praggs superiority in today's world chess.

    Gukesh will be a great player for India for a very long time. His determination about winning is pure despite all praise towards Pragg. In short, India has bet on the wrong horse.

    Just gives Gukesh all he needs to be the World's Best Champion and he will delivers!

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