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Hey everyone! This is Part 1 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Game links below:

Game 1 vs. Chiefs2020:

Game 2:

Game 3 vs. antonio2792:

Game 4 vs javor75:

Game 5 vs. savella17:

Game 6 vs. skayhawk:

Game 7 vs. ekberovic:

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  1. Damn man. This is absolutely great. Very nice commentary. Keep up the good work!

  2. And what do you do at 300 elo? People, including me, just blunder mate in 2 every game.

  3. Im really sorry for that polish kiddo. There are a lot of them in the internet 🙁

  4. Nice concept, something different than other chess youtubers, keep it up

  5. Love the explanation, especially someone like me, is a beginner! looking forward more about this kind of video

  6. This is extremely helpful. Being under 1000 and new to playing chess seriously it is good to see you critique simple blunders and playing styles.

  7. I’m a 1100 player, you make it look so easy man.

  8. Very instructive chess video for us lower rated players, keep it up!

  9. At 6.43 you say make sure the queen doesn’t get trapped, but after Bd7 if white plays Qd2 or Qc2 the black queen is getting trapped?! You seemed to miss this immediately after saying , good thing black did too…

  10. 6:23 Levy blundered Bc3 but I guess some of that 1000-ness rubs off on you!

  11. People run their time out not only at 1000 but also at 2000 level!

  12. I basically come by reading the name only as i m a big fan of batman.. And now i am a fan of yours too

  13. I'm going to keep a few of these tactics for my games. Thanks a lot man

  14. the 700s i play are better then some of these 1000s. wat

  15. That does not get you queen out of safety hehe

  16. When i play the French at that level I move Qb6 as quickly as possible

  17. As an around 1000ELo player myself i got to say this is an incredibly bad guide. You sound so bored doing what you do, you talk too fast, you move pieces around as if it is all natural which is actualy not for a 1000 player. You totaly miss the point of making an actual guide.

  18. 7:32 would Rc1 be a better move in this position? looks like either forced mate or lots of forced trading down


    (edit: Had to add the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥)

  20. Could someone please summarize all the tips from this video?

  21. Lmao, tbh trash talking is pretty funny tbh.. A guy I played with blundered his queen and he got mad as hell lmao

  22. EXCELENT video, man. I was looking for a series like this. Really really good your approach to walk us through the general ideas of the plays.

  23. When he wins he gets 25 points when I win I get 9 points at best?

  24. amazing stuff, i am 1200+ and this is really helpful. don't stop throwing educational videos.

  25. Man I wish the 1000s I played blundered every single piece

  26. This is excellent. Please do more on this level.

  27. Hey awesome learning experience. Keep up the good work man!

  28. This is an awesome instructional video Levi, great job!

  29. Love your channel👍
    Learned a lot! Thank you!

  30. Kinda a dick move to be clubbing such lower rated players with your fake 1000 rating. Sure they are not that high up but your still basically just stealing their points from them, you can easily play them with your real rating and they at least won’t be losing their points. I’m sure you would not be so happy if the world champion dropped his rating 200 points below yours and dropped you around 20+ points

  31. How are these guys rated 1000+ it's weird. I play 700 rated players that play much better than this.

  32. I really like your videos. You are really didactic.

    On the other hand, this is like a professional wrestler going to a high school gym and beating up teenagers to prove a point

  33. Does the Gotham guide have a Batman line and even more thought a Joker line. Or a Bane line for that matter? Haha Gotham, where penguin. Oh wait that's Andrew Tang

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