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Hey everyone! This is Part 1 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Game links below:

Game 1 vs. Chiefs2020:

Game 2:

Game 3 vs. antonio2792:

Game 4 vs javor75:

Game 5 vs. savella17:

Game 6 vs. skayhawk:

Game 7 vs. ekberovic:

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  1. I would like to see your videos not Bullet..

    A lot of easy mistakes 1000 rated players wouldn't make in a 10 minute game. i would like actual strategy. Some good tips though

  2. I simply enjoy the way you play chess. Thank you!

  3. @11:38 — "Obviously my opponent is a pretty high rated player………W-H-A-T??"

    Literally lol'd here.

  4. 23:48 Great sound effects! i could litterally hear the pawns storm

  5. 2:44 White is actually kinda fucked because he has no passable rook moves. Rg3 loses to Bh4 trapping the rook, Re4 loses to Bc6 skewering the rook and queen, and all other squares are guarded.


  7. 2 years later I'm curious the result if he did this again; I'm new to the game but after hours of practicing and learning strategies I'm still only a 300 level… I don't see blunders like this unless I'm playing someone at 200 and below.

  8. the 700-800 rated players i play never make these blunders!! what the fuck!

  9. Fantastic series so far – great insight Gotham – thank you!! I desire to get to and blast through 1000

  10. As a 1000 rated player I don't think i play like that cause i think it's because i use to be 1400 rated mabye is it?

  11. Everyone saying "the 1000 I play do not play like this" yes they do. You just equally suck so you can't take advantage of their shitty moves. Here's a video of Hikaru and Alireza missing mate in 1, these are two of the best players in the world and yet they still make basic blunders. If Hikaru can blunder you think a 1000 doesn't? Ya'll delusional

  12. I feel like we need an updated version of this xd, games have become harder I think

  13. Bruh u could have done this move at exactly 7:33 rook to C1 to win material and a good position

  14. Dude these 1000s are probably actually 600 elo I've never seen them blunder so obviously.

  15. 7:33 check with the rook , their rook takes , our queen takes , knight comes back , our qoueen takes and that's checkmate.

  16. I be reacting to Levi videos like damn that was nice my dude is just greatness like his board vision is crazy and the fact that he sees this is crazy

  17. first guy is a scholars mate noob they always panic against strong defense and make mistakes

  18. Ommg thanks for these serie
    Of videos 😭😭❤

  19. At 7:54 doesn't queen c1 lead to winning a rook or just a back rank mate?

  20. These are great. I'm about this level and Levy just makes it look basic

  21. I think we need an updated version on this, 1000+ players these days play a little better

  22. 7:50 there was checkmate in 2 moves

    Queen to f1
    Rook takes queen
    Rook takes rook
    And its checkmate

  23. me seeing mate in 2 with queen sacrfice and levy not seeing it

  24. His opponent : blundering most moves.
    My opponent : i will fork you .

  25. I have never seen a 1000 rated player blunder like that. Maybe it is because I never play blitz.

  26. A unit pie's perimeter is 2pi. But you don't eat the perimeter, you eat the pie. Area is pi. Easy as that.

  27. nice 1.000 rating games…

    and i am still at 600-700

  28. im spo trash at chess i am rated 50 im actuallg 250 but i always lost

  29. Levy “don’t play the Sicilian if you’re under 2000”
    Levy playing as a 1000 “let me start with the Sicilian”
    Oh and then he doubled down!
    “it’s just too familiarize ourselves with what we need to play at what level of chess“ 😂😂😂

  30. 23:45 what is that rumbling sound in the background when you mentioned pawn storm? I actually thought it was a storm but it sounds like an object

  31. At 7:21 you could have just played rook c1 and then checkmate in 2 moves. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  32. "it wouldn't have been unreasonable to play on." Ah yes he should have continued shuffling the king back-and-forth outside of your rook's forcefield and helplessly watched while you pushed your A pawn to promotion

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