Funniest draw in the history of chess 😂 | Magnus vs Hikaru | Bongcloud |

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Magnus plays bongcloud against hikaru which results in the funniest draw in the history of chess.


  1. Hikaru and Magnus are both superior to chess bots as perfectly played chess is a draw and bots fail at drawing quite often. These men know chess better than bots. 👏👏👏

  2. what baffles me is how many people in the comments think this is real

  3. Magnus be like: "Finally someone who speaks English"

  4. why is this bad? they always tell you to develop your pieces 💀

  5. Ah yeah, the bong cloud opening, followed by the hotbox strategy. Classic 🤣

  6. Duel of best friends in the end of every anime be like :

  7. What’s the context here? Why did Carlsen decide to play a joke opening?

  8. And suddenly the facial expressions of Nakamura changes…from serious to laugh.

  9. LMAO 🤣 I LOVE IT ❤️

  10. In Ohio, pawns move forward and get tired and give up and everyone follows suit and king is forced to sign a peace treaty, both kings get drunk and start dancing

  11. The song sounds like it says king e2 before Magnus plays it

  12. This fits the saying, "Great minds think alike" so perfectly.

  13. Hikaru's face was so funny when he saw the Bong cloud from magnus😁

  14. i hear in the song she says king e2 im pretty sure

  15. I thought the king only dance at the end now at the earliest games 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. If only this would happen with Russia and Ukraine

  17. Damn these two must have seen the outcome from a million moves away

  18. A guy who just started oh that's how you play thos

  19. I know both of them, I know the chess moves but not really play, can someone please explain wh Hikaru burst out laughing when Magnus moved the king. 😅

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