[FULL]He Became The Strongest Just By Sleeping|manhwa recap|manga recap|anime recap

Name:《Apex Future Martial Arts》
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  1. I've been looking for this manga for years and I can only find copies or shitty versions like the manga in the video the manga I'm looking for is the manga with the following extremely detailed and specific description so there is no error

    :mangá mc with a system that makes him stronger and more powerful the lazier he is isekai Apocalyptic banker clone demon toxic air mangá manwhua mc tries to escape with a friend outside the banker almost dies because of the toxic air In the first chapter he is attacked by a giant monster but is saved by the system there is an evil geto that tries to take control of his body he gains powers and becomes stronger by lying asleep and being lazy his friend tried to escape before with another guy but the guy died and there is a clone of him who appears to be a clone a scientist with glasses with powers almost no food or drinks in the banker full of young people the mc and the friend of the mc try to escape from the bunker because they heard a voice on a radio saying it was looking for survivors but it was fake and people almost die from the toxic air world has been invaded by demons there is a young girl with some feline features in the manga the lazy cheat system has a bar that is maxed out when being lazy beautiful landscape outside the banker telekinetic power

  2. Why did the knight zombie look like malenia

  3. Guys what is the with "might and main" manhwa?? I cant find it

  4. This is an excellent story but there is much more to it. I recommend removing the word, "[Full]," from the thumbnail. It isn't finished by a long shot.

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