Frank vs. OrbitalRacer: FULL CHESS MATCH

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  1. Gotham is a great commentator/personality as usual, but this other guy is pretty bad honestly. He doesn't really generate hype, just sounds like he's trying too hard.

  2. I predicted franks moves three times in a row in game 2

  3. Most heart wrenching moments of my life!!!

  4. This is like watching two drunk guys fight at a bar

  5. I think GMs are laughing on us just how we laugh on those

  6. If I lost to Frank I would quite literally end my chess career right then and there

  7. You found the best 600 elo for the match the guy plays like a 1300 in half his games

  8. About 400 to 800 ratio
    * Defend the king ❌️
    * Defend the queen ✅️

  9. I always feel good when i see moves gotham barley can even see, and despite my below 1000 elo it makes me feel like perhaps i too am a grandmaster

  10. Franl did the:"Never let them know your next move" to a whole 'nother level

  11. Cracks me up when Gotham does a UFC comment

  12. My heart rate is spiking, you cant do this to me

  13. Levy saying that frank had 20 seconds to make two queens to win in a ladder mate 😂😂 (knowing that Frank only knew ladder mate with queen ) hahaha that’s pure gold

  14. That first game hurt my soul. Lmao I'm a fairly new player, but Wooooooww. Looking back at old Frank games is absolutely wild, fun to see the difference in his gameplay

  15. That first win for frank was crazy… The spirit of Levy was with him.

  16. have you ever seen someone lower than 127 elo.

    me : allow me to introduce myself

  17. Just turned 21 recently, and now I'm sipping wine while watching Gotham commentate on a chess match, adulting lol.

  18. When there is a Magnus vs Hikaru in GM's Then theres a magnus Vs Hikaru at low elos aswell

  19. Frank is better than gotham😂😂😂

    ( i want to br in pin of shame)

  20. “There’s 21 thousand of you and if all of you called a friend we would easily have 21 and half thousand”💀

  21. 24:15 because tiktok takes all your information and sends it to china?
    I don't know

  22. This was hilarious from start to finish 😂😂😂

  23. 4:38 isn’t he unable to take the queen cause bishop is defending it? Or is there some other attack I’m not seeing?


  25. "wouldnt it be kinda fitting, british… queen"💀

  26. "tou cant blunder a queen if its kot on the board*

  27. whys everyone cheering for frank orbital racers has no supports

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