FRANK Solved Chess

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  1. "when you have mate in 1, look for something better" I need this as a poster for my classroom

  2. jeez I feel like so old right now being 20 years old and have no idea about whis…

  3. These 18 minutes I'm not going to get back :))

  4. A good revenge canot be expedited. I choose to think Frank was just playing with his nemesis to he would feel the massive weight of his revenge.

  5. Can’t believe you forgot to give Frank his GM title, smh

  6. Levy, one of your best! I'm with @1Apax, "when you have mate in 1, look for something better". Awesome!!

  7. Man, the way he moved his queen to the other square attacked by the knight at 2:50 had me in stitches.

  8. How I send a game to you that I got two brilliant moves?

  9. doin ma job, 30 or so goofy lil profiles reported, youtube needs to step it up

  10. 9:30
    I litterly live in a town of 500 people. Analogy about horses is correct.

  11. Frank is the reason Magnus Carlsen decided not to play the for the world title.

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