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  1. Ok, I searched up “who owns Frijj”And it shows Müller. But, I dug deeper and found out, your mom isn’t even Müller Woodley.Because first off, Müller is a name of a German male. Didn’t you read the Adventures of Tintin to realise that?Plus, the owner is Theobald Alfons Müller.And before you say CEO of Müller UK, Rob Hutchison is the CEO there. Another kind of CEO is Justin Cook (of Müller yoghurt).Until you can show proof, I think I’ve just fried your only liver. So yeah, nice try.

  2. カザマカズヨシ / 風真一義 says:


    “Are you eating Bananas”

    Frank: No I am not eating Bananas.

    Wait, I’M eating BANANAS RIGHT NOW! No WAY!!

  3. They can’t put sh$t back on a donkey…boys will be boys

  4. Juan Valdez has been separated from his donkey….

  5. Is frij the same muller drink who own these two companies ?

  6. Yep. Total trash. And the Goffam bit at the end was not recent. Looks like the end to me. So if he’s supposed to be so good why is he playing trash? My theory is as follows: 1. Rapid rise from newb to 700. 2. Got stuck. 3. Goffam helped out. 4. Got to 800. 5. Suddenly out of nowhere started ‘beating’ 900’s. (I have my own view about how he achieved that and it’s not pretty) 6. Goffam back onboard got him to 1000. 7. Now plays like a 600. Look at todays games. It’s just 600 ELO chess. Finally, he doesn’t study so his wins were always Goffam helping out and trash opponents or friends throwing for content. Now, without assistance, his true rating is being revealed. 600.

  7. Frank i really like your singing voice

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