Flocking Chess Pieces

After being given an opportunity to test samples of Spectro Coating Corporation’s flocking products, I decided that flocking the bottom of my shop made chess pieces was a great way to test what they sent me. I hope that you enjoy the show.
Spectro Coating Corp has provided the show with a discount code for its viewers. If you are interested in obtaining some of the products that I use on today’s show, you can follow the link to their Etsy page and use the code KEN30 for a 30% discount on orders over $20.

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  1. Kenny, that stuff worked fantastic. Nice of the company to allow you to give it a try. Cricut machine did an amazing job of cutting the circles. What a win!!!

  2. This seems to be a very timely product for my applications. I was impressed with your method of cutting the circles. P.S. Thanks for the pdf on the helicopter toy.

  3. I will put this site in my arsenal of finishing products. Glad to have that option available. Agree flocking is a process. Probably the main advantage of the standard flocking is its ability to conform to contours with good results. The Spectro Coating seems very easy to work with. Wondering, because it is flocking, it cuts easier than adhesive felt which could have also been an option for you?

  4. This product looks really interesting. I do have a couple of questions.
    Does the product have a self adhesive backing? I know you used adhesive, but when you were using it with the cricket machine, it looked like you were sticking it to a backer sheet.
    How well does it stand up to wear? When you removed the masking tape, did it pull off any of the flocking?
    Thanks for another great show.

  5. Tip: Use a 1/16 dowel to hold down the pattern/flocking as you spray on the adhesive.
    I love 💘 the grandbaby picture. My Son, Daughter in law, and my only ❤ Grandson will be moving to Sinton, Texas Wednesday to take a job as senior pastor and it's about 8 hours from us.🥲

  6. So woke up grabbed the iPad to read the time, saw your notification on the front screen, nearly dropped the iPad reading your title, had to rub the sleep from my eyes, and re read 😂 thank you for the early morning laugh!

  7. I really like this… thanks for this video…

  8. I’d like to see your electrical work, with your craftsmanship and how much pride you take in your work, I bet it’s the cleanest work around. Funny you posted a video today about using the cricket machine, saw one in the customers house today and thought oh that’s what Kenny used in some of his videos lol

  9. The flocking sheets look great, would you use them to line a jewelry box or stick to the other flocking method?
    That is a very interesting machine too

  10. Very nice job! The Slovakian mail order bride ad at the end was the second best part of the video.

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