Fastest Way to Reach 1800 | Chess Rating Improvement, Common Mistakes & Training Tips to Get Better

Fastest Way to Reach 1800 Chess Rating – its simple, just fix these mistakes. To Get Better at Chess & Improve Your Chess Rating Quickly, watch this video. I will share chess improvement tips, online tools & resources to practice and improve your game faster. We will look at the top 7 mistakes most players make & learn how to fix them. These lessons will help beginners & intermediate players to win more games.
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0:00 Chess Mistakes
0:12 Calculation Mistakes
2:00 Piece Improvement
3:13 Time Trouble
4:11 Bad Endgame Technique
5:56 Opening Selection
7:03 Blunders
8:24 Exchanging without Thinking
9:57 Aimchess Review
10:43 1 Million Subs – Special Message
11:02 Chess Puzzle

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  1. I've used this tip a bit: Say you want to capture some piece (call this piece A) but it's being protected by one another piece (piece B). Say piece B also has some defenders, but none of its defenders can protect piece A if they replace piece B. Try to find a way to capture piece B with a piece of equal points (not less, because then your opponent will quickly know what you are doing), and once they recapture, capture piece A on your next move.

    Example: Imagine you have a rook attacking a pawn but the pawn is being protected by a rook, which is being protected by a bishop. If you have another rook that can take their rook, capture it, let their bishop recapture, and now you should be able to take their pawn with your original rook

  2. Stop plugging the website so much. It makes me not want to watch your videos.

  3. Ever since i started watching chess talk 5 years ago made me improve even just a little bit. This channel is very helpful. Although im very slow in gaining elo, at least I made progress from 800 elo to 1100

  4. plz tell me how to take part in chess tournament

  5. Queen moves straight up and then to extreme left. Checkmate.

    1. Queen x h6 +
    (King or Pawn) g x h6
    2. Rook h8 #

  7. Thank you, This video help me to reach 1600 from 1500

  8. The Video was really good, Jeetendra Advani try to get billion subscribers

  9. Queen to e4
    Then pawn to f6

  10. 1. Qxh6
    both lead to 2. Rh8#

    Checks captures and attacks!

  11. Mate in 2 answer

    If Qxh6+,gxh6,Rh8#

  12. Q×h6+, K ×h6, Rh8# new version Q×h6+, g×h6, Rh8#

  13. Nice video for every 👍 👌 😀 👏 😄 😊🎉🎉

  14. Qxh6 if …Kxh6, then Rh8#, if …gxh6, then again Rh8#

  15. This is just a 11:15 minutes advertisement of Aimchess. never coming back here.

  16. This man ist Epic . He IS the best at explaining chess . Something about those Indian dudes

  17. Solution to puzzle….
    First rook to h8…
    King taking rook is forced….
    Then white queen to h6 is a beautiful smothered checkmate as the pawn g7 is pinned by the bishop…

  18. Sir English nhi ati …Hindi me bhi videos bnaiye 🙏🙏

  19. Thank you, I’m always coming back to this video to try and improve!

  20. Great content!!! The solution to the puzzle is Qxh6+ and Rh8#.

  21. puzzle solution: knight g5 then pawn g6

  22. I got a fastest chess:
    (fool's mate and I'm white)

  23. Nice Sir!! Have started playing chess and uploading my game plays here too!!

  24. Me : 700- 3 months ago
    850- 2 months ago
    659 – today .
    Can anyone explain wtf is going on ??

  25. QXh6 any move by black, white mates by Rh8+

  26. Thanks. I was 2200 ELO and now Im 1800 ELO thanks

  27. the move is queen takes h6
    and iam very happy about your channel

  28. Oh wow its a queen sack on h6 then rook h8 is mate no matter if he takes with the pawn or the king. 😅

  29. What's your chess rating? I really want to know this

  30. knight to g5 the black king will go to h7 then queen to e8 checkmate

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