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In this video I try Atomic Chess. It is one of many chess variants available on chess.com – there is Fog of War, Automate, Giveaway, 4 Player Chess, and many others.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 RULES

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  1. this is probably the only time you'll see an im confused

  2. everyone is talking about majestic creek but nobody is talking about how he fought ille216 twice and he got a lot better the second time

  3. Loaded this game mode up with a friend without telling him what the mode did. Was a really fun time

  4. rly? just disappear? ATOMIC chess and pieces just disappear so sad …

  5. "I don't wanna win … EVERY game in two moves"
    Problems of gotham: wins too much

  6. 11:17 the night move was good be cause if he takes night using pawn he could just move his queen out on to the green tile cause the pawn isn't there any more

  7. As an atomic main

    i have no idea what i just saw

  8. i feel like "its never too late to lose" is a great way of summarizing atomic chess

  9. Hear me out ok?
    Initials – MC aka Magnus Carlson in atomic chess???

  10. Nah mate this variation of chess should be Afghanistan chess💀💀💀

  11. you can set the rating to be equal to or higher than in custom settings

  12. I honestly thought this mode was a joke at first, I didn’t expect you to take it so seriously

  13. Gotham: My opponent is very deep in thought
    Also Gotham: Thinks for half his time on 1 move

  14. i saw the thumbnail and i thought levy was gonna explain atomic habits! 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Also, if your king touches enemy king, he cant be checked, just had a game where i went near enemy king and enemy rooks couldnt attack me, the game ended a stalemate

  16. I never played with the rule that pawns are immune to the explosion

    When i played pawns would also be removed when next to a capture

  17. MajesticCreek was Indian when u clicked on his profile I'm Indian too, Proud to be an Indian.

  18. wild that there was not a single rook move throughout the entire vid

  19. Normal chess: black v white
    Atomic chess:kings handshake whole everything else fights

  20. Knights seem significantly stronger than queens in this mode.

  21. 11:46 Before sacrificing your queen after opponent played bishop g5 you could have checkmated with bishop b4

  22. he said majestic creek was definitely not the atomic gm so majestic creek showed him what he was

  23. "I'm threatening to take and that will be a big kaboom, A very very very big Kaboom………Kaboom" 15:45

  24. please analyse this on a video, i am 367 elo and i got an amazing fork.

  25. Brhuuu why yf I am getting a chess meme add

  26. Atomic Chess with exploding pieces is a very interesting variant of chess when Levy is playing all these players there

  27. your leagues better than hikaru in atomic.

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