EVERY Chess Gambit for White and Black | Chess Opening Tips

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A lot of chess gambit videos are on YouTube by Eric Rosen and Jonathan Schrantz, so I put them all into one. This video features King’s Gambit, Queen’s Gambit, Nakhmanson, Orthoschnapp, Jerome, Evans, Smith Morra, Staunton Gambit, Blackmar-Diemer… and how to play these gambits.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 e4 – Kings Gambit
2:25 e4 Vienna Gambit
3:13 Danish/Goering Gambits
4:20 e4 Scotch, Jerome gambits
6:18 e4 Sicilian Gambits
9:05 Orthoschnapp vs. French
10:50 Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
12:45 1. d4 GAMBITS

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  1. Should've included the Belgrade gambit

  2. What a channal like just what channal
    U know my question even before I ask u
    I love u man 😩❤

    15:13 dksjssnns

  3. The Icelandic-Palme gambit is another fiery gambit in the Scandinavian. 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf6 3. c4 e6 4. dxe6 Bxe6 5 d4 Bb4+ etc

  4. perfect, more gambits to use wrong and tell my friends gotham said they’re good

  5. 0:01 vvgfdd
    0:15 jjfffdss
    0:40 fcvccvgccx
    1:35 bgccc
    1:40 museo gambit
    1:55 gfggfdhffd
    2:05 bgfffffr

    2:15 bffdsw
    2:21 ggdfggd
    2:30 hgffds
    2:38 bggffd
    2:48 hgfffffg
    3:00 bhgffg

    3:13 hfggf
    3:23 yffggf
    3:28 bvvdd
    3:30 vcvfd
    3:36 vgfggff
    3:48 bfdfggf
    3:52 vffgfdd
    3:55 ggfgg
    4:12 uggte2

    4:15 ffdvfcchgcc
    4:45 hffvfcvfxffc
    5:10 jgjchhhjvvg
    5:25 jfhvhfjbvghhv
    5:35 nhhjgjghdgfxx
    5:50 jghghgjjhvvv
    6:03 sjsjsjjsjs
    6:13 suusjjshsj

    6:18 sjjssjsjj
    7:18 sjsjsjjw
    7:44 djsjejsjj
    7:55 djsjsjsjsj
    8:00 sjsjsjsjsj

    8:12 sjshshsjsjs

    8:55 sjshshhs
    9:38 sjsjsjsjs

    10:30 bgfhghfff

  6. My favorite gambit is the Grilled Cheese Countergambit:

    1. e4 f5
    2. Qg4

  7. Please Cover the tumbleweed or drunken king gambit

  8. Do I get extra points if I've played Herrström?
    Also, you missed the Colorado gambit 1.e4 Nc6 2.Nf3 f5?! It's has been played on IM level to beat another IM in a serious game.

  9. Orangutan 🙂 🦧
    Can you show the Polish Opening?
    Would love to see some interesting B4 lines. I try to mix it up instead of E4 or D4 all the time.

  10. You forgot about the fishing pole, which black can use after white does Italian and then castles. The Chess Talk channel has a good YT video 🐴

  11. I'm gna say a word like "train" tell me your favourite mode of transportation in the comments 👍

  12. Just discovered your teaching, and love your content, humor and thorough explanations. Was compelled to just buy a course and will almost definitely be getting more. Thanks for your hard work!

  13. My fav animal is a dolphin………if you watch hood nature/casual geographic than you get it.

  14. well my favorite animal is horse just bcs its in chess

  15. You missed the legendary Coca-Cola gambit. 🙁

  16. I wonder if you would read my comment 2 years later

  17. My opponent sacrificing piece so i can't castle . And I also do same thing Gambit😊
    Called castleless Gambit .

  18. Hello Levy I'm a new player because of your videos
    You make chess fun

  19. Thanks for the great video!!
    And my favorite animals are orcas 😉

  20. My favorite animal has to be a Red Panda 😁

  21. false… wheres d4 f5 h3 nf6 g4

  22. thanks! this helped me so much. nice video.

  23. If you don't play gambits you're missing all the fun

  24. Remember: if you blunder a Piece in the first ten moves, then it’s a New Gambit that you get to name

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