En Passant | Special Chess Moves

You’ve heard of this weird rule “En Passant,” but never knew just what it was and how it worked. Worry no more! IM David Pruess explains how to do it, and where this “exception rule” comes from.
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  1. Can you capture other things with your pawns or is it only pawns you can capture?

  2. Just one question. Can you do this only once in the entire game? For instance, you do the en passant with that pawn, but then another situation comes in a different area of the chess board with a different pawn of yours. Can you do this again, or you can't?

  3. Psicólogo Holístico Diego D`Alessandro says:

    Crystal clear, many thanks!!

  4. This just happened to me. I never knew about it. Ruined my whole game. I had no idea about it, and it was done and I lost. If this rule didn't exist I would have won. I've been playing chess daily for 6 months, and this is the first time it has happened. This rule shouldn't be so hidden. How is it not standard like, top 10 things to know in chess?

  5. Bruh, this was a recommendation from that my analysis showed and it caught me by surprise. I though it was a glitch.

  6. Thanks for making this video it helped me so much

  7. The reasoning behind this rule is frustrating because allowing pawns to move two spaces changes the game in more ways than that

  8. At first i was like what the hell is this but now the explanation makes so much sense. Thank you!

  9. I remember doing that in a tournament in my school. The opponent was pretty confused and my teacher explain things up. He was smiling because he taught me it…

  10. Thank you. I had this move done to me many times but never understood how it works. Now i do! Watch out!

  11. I saw this move in some video didn't knew how but I played a game today I was losing hard but I was able to do this and made a queen and made a opponent resign

  12. What happens when for instance it is blacks move
    Pawn to b3 then white moves to a3 or a4 to pass black
    Could the white pawn still be taken

  13. I've been playing vs ai and they do en passant ithougth it was a glitch hahahahahah

  14. My situation is pretty contrary when it comes to discovering en passant

    I push my pawn and suddenly there's a circle indicating I could somehow move diagonally using pawn, so I clicked it and the opponent's pawn vanished and the pawn moved. I was so confused, I thought I found a cheat lmao

  15. literally, everything else to ever exist> his pawn texture

  16. Thank you I think I was just arguing with a computer. I WAS WRONG.

  17. It's important to mention that the capturing piece needs to also be a pawn.

  18. This has existed this whole time??? So many games lost that I could’ve won with this…

  19. Just lost a game which I had a good control over thanks to this shit

  20. Okay, so I've been playing chess on lichess against the stockfish level 8 computer and this "rule" has cost me alot of losses and usually when it happens during a match, the computer is the one thats using the "en passant rule" 99% of the time. I rarely get this chance during many matches even when the computer pawns jumps two squares right next to my pawns. I almost never get the opportunity to use this "en passant rule" as much as the computer does and im not sure why? Therefore, I do consider this rule UNFAIR especially if I did not agree to this very odd rule from the start. I was never asked, would i play chess with or without this rule. Now, i am wondering if there is any way to remove this rule in maybe the settings option on lichess to make the matches against the computer alot more fair and please let me know if you are able to remove this rule. Again, I don't agree to this rule at all and I'd rather play without this rule so I can have more success playing against the computer on lichess. Please help me!…also let me know if there are other chess sites that allow you to play without the "en passant rule." Thank you

  21. dont talk about the h file when talking about past pawns! it's just confusing! b-g are past pawns without an obstruction a and h! unless you have sufficient material are never past pawns!

  22. I’ve known the rule for 30 years, but I didn’t know the reason behind it until today 😄

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