En Passant | How to Play Chess

No chess rule is as misunderstood as en passant. Learn this mysterious pawn capture and reasoning behind it and never be caught off guard again!

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  1. I thought my opponent was cheating with a bot when he did this to me
    It’s been 3 weeks, still on the learning curve. 🤦‍♂️ 😅

  2. I did this move before and was so confused

  3. When you have the opportunity to en passant and not do it then if it's your time to move again can you still do it or nah? Please someone answer!

  4. try what?
    lol i don’t have premium verison ._.
    free only 1 week ok wait for next week

  5. What a dumb rule, why not just let the king teleport across the board once a match whilst you're at it

  6. I still think 'en passant' is stupid, and I will fight anyone that disagrees!

  7. It's literally one of the first things i learned at the beginning of playing chess, when i was learning about the pawns and the movements of pieces.. and my elo is pretty bad so I can't imagine a player of more than a month not knowing about this🙁

  8. en pissant me off when i didn’t know why my pawns were getting wrecked

  9. Just learned this today from my little bro, lol I thought he was trolling.

  10. Ye this rule ruined chess from my point of view because I keep losing when I in the same position why? Because of this rule

  11. careful, the key word here is "RIGHT NEXT to your pawn". That is, if the oponent pawn moves two squares, but lands behind your pawn, then you can not take using en passant.

  12. Can it only happen with pawns? I swear I saw someone do this to me with a bishop


  14. Kids be like: He's hacking!!!!!!!!! Imagine using hacks

  15. "Teleports behind your pawn"

    "Nothing personal kid."

  16. Been playing chess for 20 years now and never have heard of this rule lol

  17. Holy sht i thought this was just a glitch i cant believe its real

  18. ‍‍‍My chicken is a world renowned chef says:

    Hopefully my opponents haven’t seen this video

  19. The most dreaded chess move!
    I love it when people yell " I don't play that way!" and they smack the pieces off the board ♟️

  20. Why don’t you put this on n your everything about pawns video? Lmao

  21. Too situational why don't they just remove it from the game

  22. fanks very much niger boo

    scamer gettin scamed

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