EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. Tip – These tricks does not work on a dumb chess player😂

  2. If the opponent realises this trap then you are the one at loss since you will be a full bishop down

  3. isnt attacking the bishop with the pawn redundant? can't you just capture the pawn with your knight right away?

  4. So it's how to setup a chess trap… but black does exactly what you say, and they play bad moves…?

  5. Bishop d4 is a bad move bc he can do knight f6 and after he takes the pone you take with you're knght and after he doespone d5

  6. It's the legal trap. It's good to kick away the bishop by pushing the pawn on h3 but instead directly going with the Nxe5 would be better most of the time as the opponent will be 99% tempted to take the queen

  7. I’m new to chess can someone explain how queen will checkmate king as I know king can kill queen so how is this checkmate?

  8. They played a different random move ….
    Mission failed we'll get em next time

  9. By far the most entertaining chess channel I've seen. Levy makes chess fun and approachable.

  10. Hold up. someone explain where that horsy came from

  11. What is black knight take white night? Even if White queen takes black bishop… In the next move black knight will take hanging white bishop which is on C4.

  12. Why do you need to play h3 why can't you just move knight immediately

  13. You should show us the illegàl trap next.

  14. I got a checkmate in 10 moves in a one minute game

  15. Knight moves to f6 before bishops move:☠️

  16. When you try to do a chess trap. Ur oponent play a random pawn move.

  17. When you stole his woman but cost you everything

  18. Oh.. For those wondering why h3?
    Its so the bishop gets out of the way IF their knight takes our knight

  19. All of these quick chess wins don't work if you're playing the computer on your phone. I've tried a bunch of them and it's like the computer has been briefed on how to not let it work even if you try it different ways.

  20. I already tried the legal trap, can you teach us the illegal trap

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