EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. i love how all of these traps require your opponent to be even semi rational with their moves…

    of course the assumption is you should we able to defeat an irrational player… but sometimes chaos reigns supreme 😂

  2. Not "and you opponent does this" but "IF your opponent does this"

  3. I did it and he resigned in one move so yea it works

  4. Nice alternative to the fried liver, when they push the pawn instead of getting out the knight. Will certainly try this

  5. What if it doesn't play a bad move at first with pawn

  6. Opponent plays black knight to e5… instantly losing!

  7. Doesn't this just leave you down a full piece against anyone over 600 after kn x kn, q x b, kn x b?

  8. I've lost this morning, this way. Late seen

  9. Fun fact: 1.Nxe5 2. Qxh5 Nxc4
    and then you realise that your trap didn't work and opponent gets +3

  10. if black take knight you take bishop, but isnt your own bishop hanging?

  11. Why didnt he killed the horse tho (standing near the pawn)

  12. but i dont want to play it in the first place🙁

  13. This might actually work at mid elo 1500s.

  14. nice, now Im gonna wait 3k+ games until someone play this combination of moves…

  15. e4 e5 nf3 nc6 bc4 d6 and we play nc3 bg4 and we sac the queen by nxe5 bxd1 bxf6+ ke7 and nd5# you could also use this trick

  16. It’s not easy what you think, opponent know the best answer move, it works when playing with beginners

  17. Imagine You're Opponent Watches This Video Too

  18. also known as the MY FRICKIN QUEEN gambit

  19. Hi, I always watch your videos, today I subscribed to your channel. Since I've been looking at you I've had improvements in chess, you're highly esteemed❤

  20. I dont think this trap is Legal, you murdered a whole queen as black

  21. Whose going to play that pawn move though?

  22. When black takes with knight he gets the bishop after white queen gets black bishop. This trap isn't so good 😢

  23. My opponent is just dumb
    Why is he not playing the same moves???🤬😭😭😭

  24. knight eat knight
    knight eat bishop
    free 1

  25. Bro our opponent don't play your opponent's bad third move😢

  26. Now it’s time to learn illégal trap

  27. I was playing this since 1 one year and won many games with it but the best part is I saw the video today

  28. Yeah, this would never work against me because I would never move my bishop up there in the first place. I don’t like having to retreat and I don’t like pointless trades.😅

  29. Black when the piece if he take uses the knight (Nxe5) instead (exd5) (Qxh5-Nxc4)

  30. I am dissapointed by him not saying, BY SACRIFICING THE QUEEEEENNNN

  31. – You wanna play some chess?

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