DougDoug is HILARIOUS!! | I created the ultimate Chess Ai (it can cheat) reaction

How have i never watched DougDoug?!? He’s HILARIOUS!!

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  1. Without context, the anal bead thing sounds weird, but there’s actually a situation where a pro chess player cheated by using the beads and someone was doing Morse code and giving him answers on where to move his pieces and since Napoleon is cheating, I think he added it just for some comedic relief😂

  2. Fun reaction content! my only criticism, was that the video is way to quiet. if i turn my volume up enough to understand Doug or The Spy from TF2, you become way way too loud

  3. You should react to his rematch. It’s on one of his alts, “DougDougClips”.

  4. I enjoyed this reaction. I'd be interesting in watching if you react to more DougDoug videos in future. I'll throw out two reccomendations: 'Twitch Chat and I invade Europe with AI''I made an AI secretary to answer my actual emails'

  5. I'm a bit late, but the anal beads thing isn't accurate to that chess game either. Doug says that we don't know how Hans cheated when a report found he didn't cheat in that game at all, and Magnus ruined Hans' career because he was salty he lost.

  6. Please react to dougdoug's Pajama Sam playthrough, Its one of the funniest videos he uploaded.

    btw are u a girl or guy (not trying to be rude but I can't tell)

  7. 20:11 I think we established that the problem is Napoleon cant go hard

  8. You should watch the peggle video where an ai asks him trivia questions and if he gets it wrong he restarts the level(also the ai has anger issues)

  9. the Doug Chat Lore goes so fucking insane when you can actually say one of their mortal enemies is Napoleon

  10. you should watch dougdoug's dnd video, i think its called something like "i forced chat to play my unethical dnd campaign", the rules are INCREDIBLY simplified to make it easier to understand

  11. Btw way the reason the AI sometimes sounded like Doug is because it’s an AI voice generator, and it is partially trained off of Doug’s voice

  12. There is a sequel to this video on his clips channel, and this year's Rosa birthday video involves another game against NapoleonTwo other videos of DougDoug's that involves AI programing are "Peggle Speedrun, but an Ai Robot threatens me with trivia" and "I forced an Ai to play a kids adventure game," tho the latter is two hours long

  13. 8:35 Based on the recent Pajama Sam video Doug uploaded, I think he uses his and his friends voices alongside ai to make character accurate voices, so Napoleons voice here could very well be him putting on a French accent

  14. Peggle Speedrun but an ai robot threatens me with trivia is a really great video by dougdoug id love to see your reaction to that!!

  15. I really hope more dougdoug reactions become a regular thing. He's by far my favourite content creator

  16. you need to check out the rematch. its even better

  17. Nice reaction! Thou I feel like video was a little bit low. Hope to see more in the future

  18. DougDoug has the most creative twitch content I know. My favorite video of his is "I used AI to make videogame characters fight to the death". Other great ones are "I let an AI write my LinkedIn profile" and "I'm trying to take a bath but twitch chat keeps assassinating me (RDR2)". Honestly all of his videos are really fun, I don't really care which ones you pick to watch

  19. If you are looking for recommendations, his most recent video: "Peggle Speedrun, but an Ai Robot threatens me with trivia" is one of the best videos he has ever made.

  20. I would love for you to react to his video “Peggle but an ai robot threatens me with trivia” it’s probably my favorite DougDoug video

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  22. Oh, you are actually watching DougDoug! That is amazing! I am excited to see your reactions to his other content! 😀

  23. this is the first time I've caught a premiere of yours! loved the reaction, dougdoug is my favorite content creator so I would love to see more reactions of him.

  24. It would be cool to see a reaction to dougdoug’s “but explained with food” series because it’s really funny and are some of his first video so it’s cool to see how he started out

  25. Oh I would love if you watched other DougDoug videos! I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

  26. so excited for this one! i would love to see more dougdoug reactions 🙂

    another creator i think you'd like if you don't know them already: lets game it out. his videos are always funny!

  27. i would reccomend you watch the rematch of this on the dougdougclips channel, imo its even more chaotic than this

  28. as a dougdoug connoisseur, there are ALOT of amazing dougdoug videos i totally recommend, his Pajama Sam video where he uses ai to beat the Pajama Sam video game that was made for 3 year olds is amazing and i am not kidding when i say its the only video on doug's channel where he kills several children at a rapid pace. he has a really funny video where he uses ai to make his LinkedIn the most worst LinkedIn ever. He has a long series where he and his chat use AI to simulate them invading continents and forming empires.

  29. I would love to see more doug doug reactions.

  30. Yeah doug is an amazing coder, if memory serves me right he actually use to work for EA

  31. I heavily recommend dougdoug's Dungeons and Dragons video he posted a few months ago!

  32. Oh yeah, you should totally watch dougdoug's "Can Twitch beat ITSELF in a Videogame Tournament?", Z team for Life

  33. I'm so glad you checked him out. I'm loving the hair btw, another video I'd love you to check out by him is "doug and twitch chat take over Europe (with AI)"

  34. there's actually a sort of sequel to this in his clips channel. It's even crazier than this

  35. I suggest more Doug Doug reactions

  36. YIPPEE let's gooo!!!! super happy to see doug 😀 btw your makeup looks super pretty!!

    and if you'd like another video of doug's: "gta 5's most chaotic mod, but if i break the law i explode" is a great one!! and it introduces another member of the ddcu (dougdoug cinematic universe)

  37. If you haven't watched it already I would recommend ranboo bakes a cake 2 in my opinion its amazing and i think you would like it.

  38. Doug is actually a very skilled programmer, though none of us would ever admit it in chat. He used to work at EA and was a professor at Berkeley a while ago

  39. Yo! My request is more DougDoug 100%!

  40. Napoleon's voice reminds me of alarak from star craft 2

  41. DougDoug has a video where he uses AI to write the absolute worst LinkedIn profile ever, I think you're gonna get a good laugh out of it!

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