Don’t Play Pawn f6!! #shorts #successtips #chess


  1. Queen sacrifice and developing your bishop is checkmate

  2. You must play Qe7 when she sacs the knight

  3. Omg how she is always coming with exiting moves . Damn y I'm not seeing her in big tournaments

  4. There is also a forced mate in a few moves in the damiano defense.

  5. เรียนรู้ เข้าใจ ผูกพัน

  6. But he can defend the pawn with the knight

  7. Ini lah kecepatan roda kehidupan seperti permainan catur merasakan memiliki kemampuan komunikasi sasaran 👋👏👏👋👏👍


  9. This is the most common technique in chess💀

  10. I have a youtube shorts on how to play the damiano gambit as black

  11. Those who don't play damiano defence
    And those who like when your opponent plays it and takes the knight

  12. If you’re gonna tell us what not to play atleast show us what to play instead

  13. she could've do queen winyard (almos the same but easier)

  14. you could go Nc3 when she goes Qa4 right?
    of the left of the vid idk sorry if I'm wrong

  15. I am a chess beginner and I only know what the Damiano’s defense is 😅

  16. Miért fogyatékos ellen csillogtatod a "tudásodat" kislány?

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