Don’t Do This At Home

Alex takes a fire shot.
Botez Abroad Returns on September 9th.

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  1. Kids are watching and learning this, devil is smiling in the corner..

  2. meanwhile in india we eat fire paan 🙂

  3. 17:46 Another clarification: Ryan cannot take a loan because he already spent all his gold for the round. Loans may be taken out as a free action, but it must be done before spending all your money for the round.

  4. Absolute stupidity or what some people will do to be cool. 🙄

  5. With all the excitement with making money short term, gotta have the voice of reason in your videos. Gotta balance out the risk and reward and have to be able to accept worst case scenarios before it happens. Otherwise when the worst happens, we are ready with backup plans and not just blaming others

  6. Une experience pareille a fini par une combustion instantanée ,personne n'a pu sauver la pauvre victime,combustion intégrale sauf les membres.

  7. her mouth is the source of entertainment for men

  8. No this is betrayed that man have a liter in his hand

  9. Ignorance is a blessing… search for the ultra rare condition "self combustion".

  10. На ваших глазах они её медленно ☠️

  11. Don't do that at home.
    How to do that at home when i don't even know what's it about?!

  12. Fire gambit 1 move check mate💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  13. that whimpering kid partway through the video is the only one with sense.

  14. Im wondering if this "mastermind" is aware of how many kids could be seeing this? And then they do what they shouldn't do. Hopefully she takes it down!

  15. You do realize by saying do not do it people are going to do it right

  16. ah yes this surely looks like a good ideia specially with the brightest comment section I've ever seen saying it's okay

  17. General Beatrix Duchess.
    The; Oathed-Veijled.⚜️
    Not Mana Shield.👑

  18. If the grandfather was senile, she should have been a role model for the mother of the child next to her….. However, everyone will blame the alcohol

  19. This video got me nervous 😓😬

  20. Hydra ♎.
    食物+火🔥= I am the Alpha and the Omega ♎。

  21. Damn this has got to be one of the dumbest things I've seen a person do.

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