Don’t disturb Magnus Carlsen when he is watching a game #shorts

Magnus Carlsen watches Aryan Tar’s game while heading out after his game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Wasn't standing in the way of the camera which was filming?

  2. The best player of our time should be free to stand and wach wherever he wants.

  3. His nemesis was playing in the background 😂😂😂 check the video and see him

  4. Tha last move of arian and the reaction of magnus says all

  5. He was there to ask him to move away from the camera for blocking the shot. 🤣🤣

  6. Magnus is looking more and more like Mickey Dolenz

  7. Brooo did anyone notice on the chessboard next to the game Magnus checked… HOW TF ARE THE KINGS TOUCHING AND BLACK DIDN'T EVEN MOVE A SINGLE PAWN EXCEPT THE KING LIKE WTF????

  8. My wife and I got married within a year . I can confirm that if it’s not a topic somewhere at 6 months even in lighthearted conversations, then it’s not gonna happen. We got to 6 months and had already lived together for a while so at that point what’s left to do. I love my wife more than anything. Also congrats 🎉

  9. Magnus saw the whole game through telepathy

  10. This has the same feels when your mathematics teacher is invigilating your maths exams session, and you see him walking around your table

  11. The Carlsen kid kinda seems to be a duschbag. He has spent way to much time with the academic type. To stick your nose up at anybody but you. He could use a good slapping around. Don't punch him, because then his mom will have to get involved and all that.

  12. Edom in my language means black. The sign in the back says eedom.

  13. Magnus : ahh in 3 steps it’s over bro I going next table 😂

  14. Why can’t people just stfu? Stop disturbing people.

  15. Bro magnus won the game before he did 😅😅

  16. cuando Magnus llego…habia para ganar…despues la presión le mato

  17. los comentarios son judíos. Es su bro. simple…

  18. I would disturb him just to watch him do that spin move again.

  19. When Magnus stares at your game, your ELO instantly drops 200 points.

  20. Haha i hope he is good throwing fist to back his cocky attitude because that is the way you ask for things to get physical and once they are physical he won’t be able to mate his check out of it.

  21. This is like being at the gym and big Arnie comes and watches you

  22. FINE , they'll kick my butt in Chess..
    But ill take em in checkers ..

  23. I don't get it. The arbiter was asking Magnus to move, right? BECAUSE OF THE CAMERA, RIGHT?!

  24. The pressure was too loud when magnus was watching💀

  25. I dont understand please tell me what happened

  26. I cannot imagine the added pressure he unintentionally puts on the two competitors by obviously watching their match.

  27. Are these champions allowed to drink anything besides water?
    Water is all I see them drink.

  28. this is just like playing cricket on pitch and Sachin Tendulkar came to watch your batting

  29. Magnus looks like he wanted 2 say y tf would u do that lmao

  30. Magnus was going to give one of them some signals on where to move but they put an end to that quick 😮

  31. I can feel the pressure through the screen , the guys are like gotta give our best game man 😂

  32. He is saying there is a camera behind u recording

  33. "We can't have you towering over other players during competi….."

  34. Don't disturb me I'm trying to feel important

  35. If i got a chance to play in front of him watching, i would fkn checkmate myself at one move lol out of stress

  36. All of those people behavior looks mental….

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