Does Hikaru need a $22,000 Chess Set?

Hikaru reviews some ancient chess sets and then goes shopping for some bling for his collection.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Top 5 Historical Chess Set Designs
01:02 #1 WC Set (is Hikaru Salty?)
03:32 #2 ‘MURICA!!
05:23 #3 Creepy Eyes
07:47 #4 Sexy Knights
10:37 #5 The Classic
13:06 Hikaru goes shopping
16:32 Hikaru gets sticker shock
19:23 Aliens vs Space Marines
20:01 OOOH Samurai Set

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  1. people don't understand slipstream/deflector shield/plasma cannon tech is all precursor to viable holograms and i want to play sabacc with pokemon already d*mn it 🤬

  2. Karpov used to hunt Mammoths in the soviet union. it's a known fact bro

  3. How can a chess set be polarisring?
    Proceeds to shit on the chess set

  4. Look up the gold pieces on Mene, way more precious!

  5. Hikaru needs to brush his teeth

  6. "I don't need it…I don't need it…I don't need it…I NEEEEEED IIIITTT" – Spongekaru Hikarupants

  7. The biggest issue for an amateur like me is not being able to differentiate the queen and king X-D

  8. Yes, but let's be honest he has a set from his family that's worth more to him already.

  9. how is Russian Zagreb not on the list? beautiful set

  10. Waiting for ‘Chess set carved from the true cross by Jesus Christ with certificate of authenticity signed by Jesus Christ.’

  11. My grandfather had the soviet one and he tought me to play with it when I was a kid. Pure nostalgia for me. Also they smelled really good for some reason

  12. whats up gm hikaru? do you do voice overs?? thank you for the content

  13. Anatoly Karpov Tells All, chessbase chess news. He did have a shop that produced chess sets…

  14. could be made with elephant ivory for all we know seems kinda sus

  15. If you want to be real fancy, mix and match your favorite pieces, to make your ultimate favorite custom set for yourself. I like the Jaques set but not a fan of those Bishops with the slit down the side, so i'd switch those out. Maybe switch out the Knight with the Sexy Knight sometimes also, depending on my mood 😉

  16. Like if you learned your first chess moves on the Yugoslavian Dubrovnik Chess set !

    (especially without the padding under the pieces, makes the sound)

  17. Imagine using a historic rook piece as an ash tray. 😂

  18. about the end well its rare and a ncie material to make those high end chess sets but mostly bc its rare

  19. It's sad that all those mammoths had to die just for chess sets

  20. Its like some people forget this game has been around for centuries so making a mediocre set of official pieces is almost insulting.

  21. Ivory produced before the ban on trading is ok, so a mammoth tooth would be older than that

  22. Hikaru I'm sure these people would give you a fancy chess set for free just to shout it out a couple times in your videos

  23. 3:10 I love how him saying he doesn't like a design gets somehow twisted into "GM Hikaru Nakamura hates minimum wage workers"

  24. I don't understand how chess app don't put more imagination into their products it would be nice to have a marvel chess set, simpsons, dragon ball… or at least something to bring more people to the dark side of chess

  25. I saw this video 2 years agoAnd now ..Please do one more video because there a chess set on ebay costs 1500000 😮

  26. the pieces are incorrectly set up in the soviet chess set XD

  27. Ivory is illegal in most places but Mammoth tusk isn't as it's precured from 'fossils' – this is most likely why Mammoth tusk is so popular, it's probably as close as you're going to get to Ivory.

  28. “The rooks look like they have ashtrays on them” hahaha I lost it 😂

  29. I mean, here in Lithuania there area couple chess sets that come with the table, and they're made of expensive wood, gold, silver etc. etc. Cost around 70grand…..

  30. No the only chess set he needs is a one that can draw arrows

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