Does Hikaru need a $22,000 Chess Set?

Hikaru reviews some ancient chess sets and then goes shopping for some bling for his collection.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Top 5 Historical Chess Set Designs
01:02 #1 WC Set (is Hikaru Salty?)
03:32 #2 ‘MURICA!!
05:23 #3 Creepy Eyes
07:47 #4 Sexy Knights
10:37 #5 The Classic
13:06 Hikaru goes shopping
16:32 Hikaru gets sticker shock
19:23 Aliens vs Space Marines
20:01 OOOH Samurai Set

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  1. the pieces are incorrectly set up in the soviet chess set XD

  2. Ivory is illegal in most places but Mammoth tusk isn't as it's precured from 'fossils' – this is most likely why Mammoth tusk is so popular, it's probably as close as you're going to get to Ivory.

  3. “The rooks look like they have ashtrays on them” hahaha I lost it 😂

  4. I mean, here in Lithuania there area couple chess sets that come with the table, and they're made of expensive wood, gold, silver etc. etc. Cost around 70grand…..

  5. No the only chess set he needs is a one that can draw arrows

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