Does Hikaru need a $22,000 Chess Set?

Hikaru reviews some ancient chess sets and then goes shopping for some bling for his collection.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Top 5 Historical Chess Set Designs
01:02 #1 WC Set (is Hikaru Salty?)
03:32 #2 ‘MURICA!!
05:23 #3 Creepy Eyes
07:47 #4 Sexy Knights
10:37 #5 The Classic
13:06 Hikaru goes shopping
16:32 Hikaru gets sticker shock
19:23 Aliens vs Space Marines
20:01 OOOH Samurai Set

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  1. This is the first time I actively noticed that the King from my childhood chess sets do not have a cross on top, whilst newer ones do.
    It's weird, the cross variation looks more distinct, but it now always feels to me like something is off.

  2. If you break that mammoth set you have to take it to a paleontologist to get it fixed.

  3. Legendary Lithuanian Vanilla Milkshake says:

    France helped the US gain independence 💀

  4. Hate that championship set bishops look like a butt plug

  5. Oh the irony you could easily fake this. Lmao carbon dating though right? Euro centric tourist prices lmao yall are schmucks

  6. One must not over look the irony of a Soviet chess set.

  7. I love how he says, “it’s just not doing it for me” lol

  8. I got a pretty nice set and the board got warped to hell in like 4 months

  9. mammoths went extinct about 10.000 years ago so the fact that chess sets made from their teeth go for that much isnt that crazy to me

  10. The Aztecs and conquistadors set is very nice

  11. Ill admit I had no idea my set was a Dubrovnik set, I just bought the sexiest one they had. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Truest statement…. You cannot like a chess set if you don’t like the knight in particular.

  13. Tip. If you are confused where to put the queen and the king , play the Scandinavian

  14. I didnt realize hikaru is kinda rich


  16. Me: doing stuff, listening to the video
    Hikaru: This knight is sexy!
    Me: wtf? is he gonna f*ck a chess knight? goes to tab, rewinds

  17. Why do people watch his streams? He’s literally annoying to listen to, he said he didn’t like it like 12 times in 1 minute

  18. Bro has inbuilt stockfish, what else does he need 💀

  19. I looked through hundreds and hundreds of sets.
    There are three sets that stand out to me, that scream buy me!
    The empire series. It looks so elegant.
    The Reykjavik II Series, Capablanca edition.
    The Forever Collection – The Camelot Series

    With one novelty chess set, Royal Selangor Star Wars Classic Chess Set

    Sadly I don't make alot of money. So it is all just window shopping.

  20. classic american set imported from some other country

  21. I think the best thing about the first set on the list is FIDE's sponsored video with Insider Business that brags about their indian sweatshop labor they use to make it xD Search it up, its on youtube and it's nuts

  22. FIDE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP set's bishop look pretty sus you know what i mean

  23. found one from the early 1900s with jewels, gold and silver, for 15 million 22 000$ is good deal !
    also a chess board in jade would look awesome.

  24. You should’ve searched for vintage chess sets. They get even more expensive. Like 50k or more. Of course, there are also sets out there worth millions but that’s another story.

  25. Yes. Still I like plastic pieces on a cheap green mat most of the time

  26. whoaaa i use ₹150 ($2) chess set, literally the cheapest one available locally

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