Do YOU know the name of the chess pieces in English? ♟🇬🇧

Do YOU know the name of the chess pieces in English? ♟🇬🇧

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  1. Me: Pawn
    Him pawn
    Me: horse
    Him: knight
    What th-
    Me: that is an elephant
    Him: rook

  2. In Serbia a knight is a horse and a bishop is called hunter

  3. A Person TONGUE can tell the Taste of their HEART. says:

    PM or President

  4. In my country not as queen, we call it as minister instead

  5. English chess piece names are so confusing, German is a little more literal on that.
    Pawn = Bauer/Pawn
    Knight = Springer/Jumper (cause it jumps)
    Rook = Turm/Tower
    Bishop = Läufer/Runner
    King and Queen stay the same as König and Königin

  6. Me : elephant
    He : bishop
    Me : castle
    He : Rook
    Me : Minister
    He : Queen

  7. Me:doesn't know the other ones

    Me: ah yes the king a queen

  8. I haven't played chess since people had the Internet. I have no idea how it's called in my own language)

  9. it's not knight, it's horsey.
    and the """rook"" is called castle.
    check your facts bro

  10. Chess players: Am i joke for you?🙂😀.

  11. in my launguage
    Pawn – Пијун
    Knight – Коњ
    Rook – Топ
    Bishop – Ловац
    Queen – Краљица
    King – Краљ

  12. Black person
    black horse
    brown crown
    i have no idea

  13. In India:
    Pawn= soldier
    Knight= Horse
    Rook= Elephant
    Bishop= chariot
    Queen= Minister

  14. 1: pawn
    2: horse
    3: tower
    4: diagonal guy
    5: king
    6: queen

  15. Me: “A ball”
    Him: A pawn
    Me: “A horse”
    Him: A Knight
    Me: “A castle”
    Him: a ROOk
    Me: “I don’t know”
    Him a bishop
    Me: tf
    Me: “a person on something”
    Him: a king
    Me: “ a queen because there is a king”
    Him: A QUEEN

  16. You gotta stop sniffling so much man, your eyes are popping out of the socket and you still “teaching” us about stuff.

  17. Meanwhile in Indonesia:

    Pawn → pawn
    Knight → horse
    Rook → castle
    Bishop → minister
    Queen → elephant
    King → king

  18. I got Pawn, King, and Queen right guess that makes me one of these…

    I’m a Pawn

  19. Crook, Horse, Tower, Nothing to add. Change my mind.

  20. Castle.. is it rook.. sounds like 'rookies'..

    The castling should be 'rooking' 🙂

  21. The 3 I stuffed up, horsey, a castle and a zebra

  22. Indian/ Maharashtrian
    Pidi, ghoda, haati, huunt, raja, rani.

  23. 🇵🇱Polish:
    Pawn – Pawn
    Knight – Horse/Jumper
    Rook – Tower
    Bishop – Chaser
    King – King
    Queen – Hetman/Queen

    There is also a popular meme called "Gambit Sandomierski"

  24. He: pawn
    Me: soldier
    He: knight
    Me: Horse
    He: root
    Me: Elephant (I don't know why I call like that😶)

  25. I said horse and tower ( in Spanish it's peón, torre, caballo, alfil, rey y reina).
    Why do you call it Knight and Bishop in English? It makes no sense 😅

  26. What I usually call them
    Pawn: prawns xd
    Knight: horse
    Rook: castle
    Bishop: bishop
    King: king
    Queen: queen

  27. Lmao I didn't even played chess in 4 years and I still know everything

  28. ‘Castle’ is also correct for “rook.”

  29. The only problem playng chess with an american is that he doesn't have the 2 towers

  30. In portuguese they are:

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