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Steinitz – Barnes London, 1862

On this video. ChessCentral’s Steve Lopez narrates a game between First World Chess Champion Wilhelm Steinitz and T.W. Barnes, a contest which graphically illustrates the importance of early chess piece development. Part 1 of 4


  1. Hi Steve Lopez, I have a question for you, I just want to know what is the difference between the words ''development of pieces'' and words ''strategic positioning of pieces''?.

  2. PART 1: I know this is a bit late but "developing" simply means moving your pieces to squares that allow them to have more movement options. "Strategic positioning" is placing them on squares that give those pieces either an offensive or defensive option. So essentially you want to develop your pieces into strategic positions.

  3. PART 2: An example of developing is let's say it's your first move as white and you want to develop your knight(on square b1) by moving it from the back ranks. Your options would be to move it to either square a3 or c3 so now it has more freedom to move. An example of strategic positioning, using the same scenario, would be to move it to c3 because you have more squares to defend and attack as opposed to being squashed in the corner of a3. I hope this helped.

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