clips that made Magnus Carlsen famous

These are Magnus Carlsen’s best moments

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  1. I read the comments and realise surely one thing , you don’t even have a clue what this guy actually did in his lifetime in chess. He is one of the greatest , one of the greatest players ever, no doubt about it.

  2. Top 3 best chess players
    1.Magnus Carlsen
    2.Drunk Magnus
    3.Shirtless Magnus.

  3. Magnus is like Trevor from gta spawning in doing some weird crap lol

  4. no offense but magnus was famous wayyyy before these

  5. I cant believe they did not include the too weak to slow

  6. It's sad that Magnus isn't the World Champ anymore, but he still remain as the GOAT!!

  7. He became famous because he is a Chess genious. Not because of some fanboy clips. F off

  8. Game studios when acquired by Tencent

  9. these clips didn't make magnus famous magnus made the clips famous

  10. Image of world chess champion :charismatic, serious, precise

    Also Magnus Carlson

  11. Bruh Hikaru's face at the beginning🤣 I'm ded. Also the timer down a minute had me rollingggg.

  12. Good clips but I miss the double bongcloud from magnus and hikaru

  13. With a population of like 3 million vs India and Russia with like over a billion people and a ton load of dedicated eligte chess players. Well done Norway 😂

  14. Good video, but the title is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure what "made Magnus Carlsen famous" was not any of these clips, but the fact that in 2013, at the age of 22, he became the World Chess Champion by beating Vishy Anand.

  15. lol i knew who magnus was before hikaru started streaming, and i didn't even like chess back then, he was famous before twitch was a major platform.

  16. I didn't know Magnus was a Hammer 😂😂

  17. "Do you have female support, Magnus?"
    "I don't think so. Women hate me. I repel them."

  18. He reminds me of A preppy smart douchbag in any teen highschool/drinking movie.

  19. He’s trying so hard to get a quirky Hollywood movie about him

  20. Hmm.

    That last clip is a bit below the dignity of him but ok

  21. That first clip, though lol its kind of a dumb clip to even add. Like, oh…wow, you've defeated a 2 year old XD

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