clips that made Levy Rozman famous

These clips made Levy Rozman famous…

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  1. How did we not get one clip saying he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOK

  2. Bro forgot.. and he sacrifices…… THE ROOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKK!!!!

  3. I has exepecting some clip of the ROOOOOOOK!!!!!

  4. That first one and 1:02 are some of my favorite GothamChess clips and I don't even know where they're from. Does anybody know what video I can find these on?

  5. Don't press "Read More" 🙃 …….

    You'd probably see
    Golden Play Button 00:01
    00:03 If you can't see clearly

  6. Anyone know what video the what the fu is from

  7. 1:30
    “White is a subscriber!”
    “White has my FLAAAAAAAA-“

  8. This is living proof of why Levi won his award

  9. How'd this compilation exist without at least one "THE ROOOOOOOK!!!!"

  10. Anybody have the clip where he turns into a mosquito?

  11. I'm just… Because i didn't see him… SACRIFICING THE ROOK

  12. It's funny, I don't know even a quarter of what he does about chess, yet I always watch his analyses of famous games with the most intense interest, he's just that charismatic

  13. you missed
    THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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