Chessnut EVO – The Tesla of Electronic Chess Sets

Sit back my friends, and get cozy as we take a look together at the Chessnut EVO! Although still in preproduction stage, the Chessnut EVO is a very promising chess board that seems to pack all the features you can expect out of a chess set. Moreover, there is a considerable number of features that are not seen in any other chess sets that I am sure many people will find exciting, and practical. In order not to miss on any important features of the board, be sure to watch the video entirely! Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. I feel that most if not all these "smart" boards are critically flawed in the longevity and future proof department. Something that is an instant turnoff for me considering they are frigging expensive. They are usually app/phone dependent making them at the mercy of both the phone and board developers who might cut support when ever they please or the board runs of a subscription to a service that might disappear over night. All these things turn the smart Board into an overpriced plastic dead board. There needs to be onboard logic's, HID and preferably onboard wifi for me to even consider it. An app can be used as a supplement but a board should never EVER be designed with a mandatory app for basic functionality.

  2. Does it seem slow to play an online match? It seems that there is a little lag between when you make a move and when it gets transmitted online, right?

  3. This seems like the best of all the other types of electronic boards together in one. Looks modern and sleek as well.

  4. Very (very) good demonstration of the product. Thank you for doing this πŸ‘
    Wish I could afford it 😭

  5. What if… the board itself was the screen? πŸ™‚
    Would allow some crazy effects!

  6. FANTASTIC walk-through definitely sold me. I was stuck between this or gochess, but this is making me think chessnut

  7. I just got my Chessnut Air, but man there are so many boards out there i want to try and get, and this one certainly looks neat too!

  8. Can this also be used as a fritz interface? Like the chessnut air or pro can.

  9. I was told the body is wood painted metallic silver

  10. You really need a lavalier microphone. Your audio is quite low compared to many other videos.

  11. Yeah, and what is that thing going to cost? $1,000… $1,200… $1,500? I received my ChessUp today and my phone is an Android phone and I haven't seen any of the "lag" that you mentioned. I only played 3 games against the computer so far and I never had a problem with the bluetooth unpairing my phone from the board. It seems like they threw in the "kitchen sink" when they made this board and it has a whole bunch of features that nobody is ever going to use and that's how they're going to defend the price tag on this thing. How much is a Chessnut Air? How much is a Chessnut Air Pro? Or whatever it's called? $700.00 to $900.00? Now they're attaching a TABLET to the board. When the price of this thing comes out make sure you're sitting in a recliner or a sofa because otherwise you're going to fall out of your chair. They're going to ask for a pretty penny for this board.

  12. Ugh. I dislike how everything is being converted to a subscription service.

  13. Curious what the specs are on the computer driving that LCD. If you we know the CPU, RAM & Android version, we can compare it to a phone with similar specs.

  14. This is an ambitious board. I'm curious what their roadmap looks like & how long they plan to support it. I like it, but I can tell it's out of my price range.

  15. Video suggestion: Best boards by price range, from least to most expensive.

  16. Hi, AI Su Chess…, Excellent video and very informative, and looks like a great AI Chessboard ! ! Actually…, one to BUY ! ! I was very impressed with your video and excellent presentation and "Thank you" for sharing the video… I am very proud of you…, you studied up on the New Chessnut EVO and your presentation was flawless… * I "agree" with you…, "What a great Chessboard." As you can tell…, I really ( enjoyed ) your video and presentation, and once again, Thank you for sharing the video and important information… "Semper Fi" Mike in Montana P.S.: I have watched and listened to ( ALL ) of your videos and this particular video…, convinced me to "Subscribe" to your excellent channel… πŸ™‚

  17. When you are not sure whether someone is telling you the price of a chess set or their Elo rating, that chess set is too expensive.

  18. Thanks. Very informative, if a little long-winded.

  19. Oooo I am excited. I suck a chess but I love chess boards. I saw a glimpse of this on a video a few months back.

    I am a big fan of Chessnut tbh. The air is the best board for the price and is honestly just a great board all together. The pro is just a bigger air and does feel great.

    Got my chess up board a few days ago. It’s nice. Haven’t played with it too much. It does seem like a good trainer board.

  20. If you like tradition, you will hate this too small board with too larges pieces, and plastic pieces with that. If you prefer modern innovative devices, you will hate this not-moving-its-pieces thing.

  21. Thanks for the thorough video. I have the Chessnut Air already and love that, but the Evo looks amazing

  22. This is nice, do you know if the piece from the chessnut air will work on the Evo?

  23. I just love that built-in screen, so much better than to pair it to a phone.

  24. If they made the pieces move this would be perfection

  25. You posted a link for the Kickstarter but it does not appear to be live yet. Am I missing something? Just making sure it is not already "live".


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