Chess Visualizing: How To Remember Squares

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I get asked frequently to make a video about visualization in chess and identifying the squares, so I made a video for chess strategy for beginners and intermediate players on how to visualize during a game.

0:00 Intro

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  1. Noooooo you didn’t let me pause to find d5 😭😂

  2. This video is way too long. I'm still at 13:50 waiting for him to tell me to unpause the video. How long must I suffer?

  3. I’m actually trying to visualize squares by the Vision exercise in chess online so thanks for that Levy

  4. Thank you for your time you really want to teach people to play like a pro
    Also I love your vids man they really made me more better
    Thank you!

  5. levy not everyone can visualize I literally can't imagine images search aphantasia pleaseseeseseseseseseese thank you

  6. Yes, it's important, almost as much as calculation (not least because it is necessary to that skill). You could be the best calculator in the world, but if you can't visualize the board both before and after moves, what is there to calculate?
    Regarding the pin prompt (14:47) and i's corresponding solution (15:00), you can do that, but it's not that great of a move. Just f4 refutes it. Granted, there is the long-term weakness of the King in that case, but that's something that you'd have to calculate against a) the immediate benefits, and b) if you could defend against that possible weakness as the game continues.
    Edit: I see he addressed it during the following prompt. Re. Pawn takes Pawn, opening up the Rook: "Is it a good move? Not necessarily."

  7. 14:36 the most controlled space is actually D1 and C1 with both 4 pieces. 😉

  8. 14:05 the most protected square is c8 protected by queen both rooks and knight

  9. On the what square does white control the most I thought about e5 but e1 is controlled by a queen a knight and 2 rooks 🤔

  10. Great video as always. Thank you for your continual commitment to teaching these concepts.

  11. what the C4 gonna do to the bishop
    My dumb ass: its obviously gonna explode 🙂

  12. yo you are the goat br o I'm trying to learn chess and can't afford a subscription nor a coach but you make me happy when I wanna learn something you help with your vids ty sm bro truly.. Keep up the good work

  13. theres a tool on lichess where you can practice coordinates i recommend it

  14. Great video Levy!!!!! this will be so helpful!!!

  15. Man i was so happy when i got the best move right. This whole video made me feel like a kindergarten kid idk why lmao

  16. it’s surprising how Levy didn’t say “get out of here” at the end

  17. I had the meaning of visualisation backwards my rating improve 100 points just by knowing the meaning

  18. 8:15 you should play, Rf8, Rxf8, Bc4, Rxf8 or Rf8, Rxf8, Bc4, Rf7, Bxf7

  19. Great great episode! Understand your ideos@ lot better with this one… Thanks.

  20. Isnt e1 or d1 the most protected square of white? Or am i some kind of idiot? 14:10

  21. Great advice and exercises, thank you! 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  22. I find it so funny that I know a lot of chess theory but all that theory disappears when I’m actually playing 😭😭

  23. But how can i draw arrows in the games like he does ?
    In the website?

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