Chess Sinhala | Chess Pieces Sinhala | Chess in Sinhala For Beginners

Chess Sinhala | Chess Board Sinhala | Chess in Sinhala For Beginners
In these Sinhala chess lessons, we explain chess pieces and how they move in the Sinhala language. this is our Sinhala Chess Lessons part 2. From this Sinhala chess lessons series, we are planning to bring you the basics of chess in the Sinhala language.
0:40 – Introduction to Chess Pieces
1:15 – Value of Chess Pieces
2:40 – How to Set up the Chess Board
4:00 – How the Chess Pieces Move

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this Sinhala chess lesson containing all the things you wanna know about chess pieces. here we explain, Chess Pieces and how they move in the Sinhala language. and also discuss, what are the values of chess pieces. These basic Sinhala chess lessons are designed for all who are new to chess in Sri Lanka. we hope you get the best out of this “Basic Chess Sinhala” Lesson series, Subscribe for more Sinhala chess lessons in the Future.
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  3. If u can please do this lesson again without background sound sir

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  5. Sir class karanne koheda? Mama kiribathgoda

  6. I already complained about the language, consider that more people would watch your videos all over the world.

  7. Weldone malli Need to arrange class for our kids.

  8. Sir class karanavada? Mama Mirisse inne

  9. sir,mage langa DGT 2010 Chess clock ekak thiyenawa habai dan mama chess nawaththala thiyenne mata e chess clock eka sell karaganna puluwan weida? 2019 wage gaththe habai ALUTH pitama thiye tournament 2kata vithara thama use kare please reply

  10. Do you conduct chess classes via online for beginners ?

  11. බොහොම ස්තූති සර් හොදට නිරවුල් ව කියල දෙනව

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