Chess Pieces – What do they look like? What chess set should I buy?

This is a little video about the chess pieces themselves … what the pieces look like and what kind of set you should buy for tournament chess.


  1. @leafsfan9917 Fun with a purpose! 🙂

  2. @leafsfan9917 Besides … if a billionaire author can call them "castles," why can't I? 😉

  3. @leafsfan9917 J.K. Rowling, in the first Harry Potter book. Ron Weasley, who was the chess "expert," referred to a Rook as a Castle.

  4. @leafsfan9917 Sorcerer's Stone. Does the British version of "rook" instead of "castle"?

  5. steve….where can i get this exact board displayed in your opening shots? thx in advance–

  6. Wish he had close captioning !!! Good video though!!

  7. Hi Bruce. Thanks for the question, and I apologize for not answering right away as I should have. Unfortunately, the exact board appears to be unavailable. It was made by Dreuke (I believe). It used to be very commonly used and available, but I've searched everywhere and can't find it online.

    It was a folding board, screen-printed linen on heavy board stock (probably cardboard … about 1/8 inch thick). I've used that board for over thirty years, and it's still in great shape!

  8. Which is the better piece the castle or the horse?

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