Chess pieces moves list

It’s always a good idea to structurize the learning process. Here we provide you with a chess pieces moves list to make things convenient. Below you’ll find out how things work for each playing item. Besides, we describe the chessboard which is an important element of the game.

Chess pieces moves list


One of the main chess attributes is the board. You need to be familiar with its organization in order to make the moves correctly. This object has 64 squares of black and white color. Before the game, make sure the bottom left corner is black. If so, proceed to the pieces.

Concise chess pieces moves list

  • The rook is allowed to move in straight lines.
  • The bishop uses diagonals to change its location on the board.
  • Unlike the two pieces above, the pawn’s distance is limited. It can be shifted only one square forward. Besides, it has the unique feature of moving differently depending on the situation. The said manner of movement refers to occupying empty squares. If the pawn is planning to attack, it should go one space to the front. The direction has to be diagonal.
  • The knight jumps one space to any side, then two spaces at a right angle. The order can be changed: two squares anywhere, plus one square perpendicularly.
  • The king can travel one square in all directions.
  • The queen should follow diagonals or straight lines.


This chess pieces moves list can help you quickly find information in case you forget. However, the more you play, the better you memorize the movement rules. Eventually, it will stick to your memory and you won’t need this list anymore.