Chess pieces moves for beginners

Here we provide a short and clear guide on chess pieces moves for beginners. It’s just enough information to start with and learn before your first serious game.

Chess pieces moves for beginners

Introduction to chess

First of all, there are a few principal points you need to know. Each of the two players is given 16 pieces of either black or white color. The latter ones have the right to open the game. Only one move is allowed at a time, and the sides take turns.

In the process, players capture each other pieces and remove them from the board. It continues until one of the parties checkmates the rival. Sometimes the game ends in a draw. Also, it can result in a stalemate. Join chess clubs in Milwaukee, WI for friendly matches.

Enumerated chess pieces moves for beginners

  1. The bishop can be shifted in all diagonal directions
  2. The rook moves along its row or line
  3. The queen’s trajectory represents a mix of the two previous chess pieces
  4. The king can travel to any neighboring square from its own one
  5. The unique knight makes an “L” form. It advances two spaces to the front (or back) and one space to the side. Or two spaces to the side and one toward the front (back).
  6. The pawn can go straight ahead only. Unless it’s executing the exceptional “en passant”, the piece’s movement is limited to one square.


After our explanation of chess pieces moves for beginners, you’re ready for more complicated matters. However, these are the basics you need to learn properly in the first place. Once you nail them, it will be easier to develop your chess skills.