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Chess pieces can come in all shapes and sizes. But do you know what their names are and how they move?

Different than checkers, chess has six different types of pieces. Does that mean that chess is six times better than checkers? Probably not, since it is even better than that!

Anyway, those pieces are the pawn, the knight, the bishop, the rook, the queen, and the king.

The pawn is the weakest piece of all. It can only move one square forward, or two squares if it is its first move. It can only capture pieces that are one square up and to either side—in other words, diagonally.

The knight is one of the minor pieces and the only one that can jump over other pieces. It moves in an “L” shape.

The bishop is the other minor piece, and can move diagonally as far as it wants.

The rook is a major piece that can move up and down, left and right, as many squares as it wishes.

The queen is another major piece, and it is the most powerful of all! It can move as many squares as it wants in every direction. The queen has the power of a bishop and a rook combined!

The king can also move in any direction, but only one square at a time. The king cannot be captured, but if there is no way for it to escape an attack, the game ends in checkmate.

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